"An incredible teaching resource" (UK)
"Captivates children and really gets them thinking" (US)
"An absolute joy to use!" (Australia)

Rockford's Rock Opera is a unique ecological audio story with clear narration, characters, wonderful songs and animated videos for children of all ages.

It genuinely appeals to ALL AGES in all territories (including adults and 'English as a foreign language' students). 6 - 12 year olds are particularly transfixed by the story and the ecological facts behind the fiction.

Hear the story (Part One - 6 Chapters / 52 minutes - is FREE!) You can also enjoy it as a Download, as a Podcast or, best of all, on CD - from our shop.

This section of our website provides a whole range of great teaching materials, lesson plans for all subjects, images, lyrics and music scores. Within the main website there are also amazing animated videos plus detailed articles and links about related subjects (such as recycling and extinction).

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