Audio Book MP3 Download

Audio Book MP3 Download

Unique Audio book

Audio Book MP3 Download

You can download this audio book in MP3 format now. Part One - over 50 minutes of entertainment – is available free. Just click below and discover the adventure in sound and music the world is talking about – welcome to Rockford's Rock Opera! (suitable for all ages, can be played on all digital audio players, ipods and computers with speakers)

Unlike many other talking books, Rockford's Rock Opera was conceived as a sound production, an audio drama like no other. Think Walt Disney's Jungle Book meets Jurassic Park or Hitchhikers Guide and Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. This is not, like so many other offerings, simply an abridged version of a classic book.

If you're looking for downloads of Dickens or Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter then please try elsewhere!

Rockford's Rock Opera audiobook is a completely new breed of MP3 digital adventure and is set to become one of the best children's books that is also suitable for adults. Turn your speakers up, shut your eyes, open your ears and welcome to the future!

Unique Audio book

So what's the book about?

Rockford's Rock Opera is a science fiction fairy tale. A story about extinction and the affect man is having on the creatures of the earth. But it's a story of hope too with important educational messages for children and adults alike.

Scripted by and starring BBC comedian, Steve Punt, Rockford's Rock Opera features amazing characters and huge concepts delivered in an enchanting, original story.

Based on a character originally made popular on behalf of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (‘Christmas Morning, Rockford’s Christmas Song’ first entered the UK CD Charts in 2005), Rockford’s Rock Opera is not a traditional ‘stage musical’ with hammy songs, its diverse musical inspiration can be found in The Beatles, The Small Faces, War of the Worlds, and Harry Nilsens’ The Point.

One legendary Rockford fan is Gerry Bron – the man behind bands such like Manfred Mann, Motorhead, Uriah Heep and the immortal Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band:

The growth of the internet, combined with rise of ecological issues requiring global attention, give Rockford’s Rock Opera audiobook a unique platform from which to reach out to the world. Quite apart from a wonderful and timely story, it’s a fabulous collection of pop songs!

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