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Audio Book on CD: Rockford's Rock Opera is ground breaking audio book for adults and children. With songs, narration and sound effects, it's unlike any other audio book. Rockford's Rock Opera is a complete adventure in sound. Just Press Play to hear it streamed FREE! It's really easy to enjoy too!

You can hear Rockford's Rock Opera in four ways:

Audio Book on CD:

This is definitely best to enjoy Rockford's Rock Opera - just visit our shop to buy a copy of the enhanced CD. With the whole story, all the songs, a wondeful video and a 24 page colour book, it's an amazing and enchanting experience for children and adults. There's nothing else like this Audio Book on CD!

So you can get a good idea about what the adventure is all about, the story is also available as a:

Free Audio Book Stream:

A streaming version of the story is available right here, right now to play on your computer. You don't have to download anything, it's all FREE and it's amazing! Just turn your speakers on, press the PLAY STORY button below and our Free Audio Book Stream will run automatically, streaming with pictures and videos. Or:

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By pressing the DOWNLOAD button below you can download over one hour of Rockford's Rock Opera FREE! This free audio book download can be played on iPods and other mp3 players or computers. Or:

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Click on the PODCAST button and our free RSS feed will send you a Podcast Story version of the tale!

What's it About?

Rockford's Rock Opera tells the amazing story of Rockford the dog and his adventures on the Island of Infinity, a bizarre world of extinct creatures, amazing music, mind expanding soundscapes, enchanting illustrations and lovingly animated videos.

At its heart, Rockford's Rock Opera is an audio book about extinction and the affect man is having upon the earth. But it's also a totally original adventure in sound with real hope, and which highlights positive moves we can all make to help reverse the current ecological crisis. Take a look through the site - there's loads to learn and to see (we've even included a section of Free Lesson Plans for Teachers as we know how important issues such as Global Warming and Extinction are in the classroom).

Positive Music

Creature by award winning creative pioneers, Sweetapple, and featuring well know writer and performer Steve Punt, Rockford's Rock Opera is, on one hand, a loving return to the hopeful days of the best 1960s concept albums, on the other, a completely new way to enjoy an audio book on CD via the web.

"I believe the world is ready for some positive music... not to mention some hope" says Matthew Sweetapple, creator of Rockford's Rock Opera, "Via the Free Audio Book Stream, Free Audio Book Download and Story Podcast, the Internet provides opportunities for individuals to reach the world with a new kind of Audio Book on CD."

We hope you enjoy it!

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