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Rockford's Rock Opera is a new breed of download audiobook. It's an adventure in sound with narration, characters, sound effects and great music (although it's called a 'Rock Opera', it's not rock music... and it's certainly not opera either – in fact, it's like nothing you'll ever have heard before!)

This is not simply an audio version of a published book, Rockford's Rock Opera was conceived in sound. And, what's even better, Part One of the adventure is available for download here, totally free – that's over 50 minutes of entertainment, unabridged and free.

Simply click on the buttons below to choose your preferred format - audio stream, podcast or download (DRM free for copying onto mp3 players, ipods and computers). Rockford’s Rock Opera is also available as an audiobook on CD from our online shop.

Free Audio Book Downloads

Featuring and scripted by respected BBC writer and performer, Steve Punt, at its heart, Rockford’s Rock Opera audiobook is a downloadable story about extinction and the effect man is having upon life on earth.

But, Rockford’s Rock Opera is NOT the creation of a global entertainment company jumping on the ‘green bandwagon’. It is the work of award winning charitable entrepreneurs, ‘Sweetapple’, and a handful of dedicated people working for the love of an amazing, original story.

And it’s a book that’s already attracting an exceptional response:

Broadcaster, respected educational champion and UK children’s radio pioneer, Susan Stranks, said:

This extraordinary story spreads a most important modern message in a most mysterious and magical way. Rockford's Rock Opera audio book has been created and produced with love, passion and great skill and will endure as a classic to be enjoyed by the world's children and grown-ups for generations to come. But only if we listen.

Rockford's Rock Opera seems certain to join the list of best children's books.

Unique Audio Book Online

What’s it About?

Central to the digital story is the Island of Infinity, home to the last one of every extinct species.

Infinity has a secret for the world but Moog, a boy from Battersea in London, and Rockford his dog, are the only one who can deliver its message. Travelling to Infinity Moog and Rockford get drawn into a sonic adventure that threatens the entire human race.

Not just an ordinary mp3 audio book, crucially, the Rockford’s Rock Opera website also contains information about the threats currently faced by creatures and plants across the world together with lesson plans and resources plus information about organisations that are trying to make a difference.

Reaching the World!

Launched in December 2007, Rockford’s Rock Opera audio book already has a growing fanbase around the world.

20% of all profits from Rockford’s Rock Opera go to support environmental, animal and ecological charities. Justifiably, a unique audio book.

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