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Prince Charles and Rockford's Rock Opera

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If you've heard the audio story of Rockford's Rock Opera you'll know that it centers around the 'secrets' and inventions we humans have discovered from plants and animals. If you listen to the 'Distant Generation' video (click on Rockford's bottom) and visit the 'Secrets of Life section on the website you'll see what I mean.

Well now Prince Charles is talking on the subject!

Just last week he said;

"Nature has so many of the answers but we have somehow imagined that we can somehow defeat it, suppress it, squash it into a corner,' the Prince said.

'The trouble is that nature will always come back and hit you in the teeth if you don't respect her."

Last Monday (15th March) Prince Charles said humans have only 100 months to save the world before our time runs out.

'We have succeeded in upsetting the balance to such a degree that we have seen the whole system start to become more and more chaotic and extreme.

"It is difficult because you can go on saying this will happen. We've had a cold winter in Britain, so people say, 'Well, there's no truth in it.'

'Whereas the reality is that all around the world there are huge problems - drought, floods and more hurricanes than ever before, so clearly the whole system is being thrown into chaos and we need to act now on a precautionary basis.'

We fully support what Prince Charles is saying and, if you want to understand just what we'll be losing by destroying animals and plants just listen to our audio book and visit our site.

Latest Audiobook News

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OK, so I've been rubbish at writing my Blog recently... did you know something like 90% of Blogs peter out after three months? I can easily believe it. It all takes time and, when there's so much else on, it's so easy to put off the Blog.

But that's not going to be me. I'm going to stick with this Blog though thick and thin because I love you all and I know you're hanging on my ever blogging word and, one day, perhaps this Blog will will taught in schools...

Perhaps not. But we have been very busy recently and so the Blog has slipped.

Why you ask? Well. We've been talking about all things operatic and audio-book-like on BBC Radio 4 no less! As I mentioned in a previous tome, we were invited on to Radio 4's Go4it programme to talk about Rockford's Rock Opera and performing children's musicals. It was really good day and it was great to meet Barney (nice chap) and the gang.

We've also been preparing for our next gig at The Bull theatre in Barnet, tweaking last year's first performance to include just a bit more of the story.

What else? Well they'll be loads of new stuff on the website shortly including a text synchronised read along version of the audiostory - sounds very technical but it looks and sounds great. It should be up in a month or so. I'll let you know.

We're also working on new songs for Rockford's Rock Opera Part 4. We've got about 10 songs so far but, until we finalise the story, I won't be finishing them off just yet. Still, they're sounding amazing (even if I do say so myself). I can't wait to play them to you all.

That's it for the moment. Sorry for the rather random Blog but I'm in a rather random mood this Wednesday night...

If you haven't clue what I'm talking about just go to Rockford's Rock Opera and listen to our amazing adventure in sound for free!

Rockford on Radio 4

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You may be interested to hear that Matthew will be talking about Rockford's Rock Opera on BBC Radio 4 this Sunday (8th March 2009) 7.15 - 7.45pm.

It's being featured on a programme called Go4it - which, if you miss the radio broadcast, is also available after transmission on the BBCi Player.

And to discover what it's all about, visit:

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