Barack Obama interrupts Audio Book Recording

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There was I, recording vocals for demos for Rockford's Rock Opera Part 4 when I was interrupted by an incredible din coming from outside. It was about 7.30pm last night and I was up in the attic, as usual, writing songs.

Suddenly the house shook and my vocal 'take' (possibly the best sounding singing since John Lennon sang 'Revolution' - I wish) was ruined. Naturally I went to the window to see what on earth was going on and guess what? Four massive helicopters were flying overhead. Quite scary really...

Anyway, I soon found out - via Sky News - that it was non other than the American President, no less, who had trampled on my ducet tones. He was flying in Marine 1, having just arrived from the US at Stanstead Airport... and New Barnet was obviously on the flight path!

So, I'm thinking of keeping his rumble on the recording of RRO Part 4, just so I can write in the sleeve notes; "Additional sound effects: The President of the United States of America and entourage".

Just as well it isn't still George W or I would have been very upset. But I fancy President Obama would like our audio story and so I might just let him join in the fun.

Just as long as he doesn't make a habit of it.

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