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Rockford's Rock Opera will be live at the Museum of London
on Sunday 28th June 2009.

There will be two 40 minute performances, one at 12.30pm, another at 2.45pm.


Featuring Steve Punt, Sweetapple and Jess Pendall, it's also be your chance to meet us,
ask questions about the show and to see the fascinating Museum of London.

The performance is being brought to you courtesy of the Open University who
are celebrating their 40th anniversary and the Story of London with a series
of events and talks at the Museum.

        Meet London
's extinct creatures!

Poetry with Radio 4
's Matt Harvey
Hands-on activities around the Museum of London
Open University tutors will offer advice and guidance on all aspects of study,
        and details of
their new curriculum which includes many new ecologically
        based courses.

Click below for details of how to get to the Museum of London which is at
the Barbican and can be reached easily by car or public transport.

Once again, if you can't make it to London. Sorry...

New Read Along Story Coming Soon!

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Just writing about a new feature that'll be available soon on the Rockford's Rock Opera website. As well as the free audiobook stream we're introducing a new read along audio story. This is, in technical terms, a text synchronized audio book for children and adults. 

We're doing it following many requests from teachers and parents who love the story and have recognised the possibilities it offers for all aspects of learning. As you may know, Rockford's Rock Opera is now in use by many, many thousands of schools around the world (in the UK, Key Stage 2 primary school pupils are a particular focus as well, we're very glad to say English as a Foreign Language students). It's used to teach about ecology and extinction but also about language, writing, listening and storytelling skills.

We hope the new free read along story will be available in the next few weeks. SImply check back to the Rockford's Rock Opera home page and it will be clearly visible.

If you have any further suggestions about the site and how it may provide even better resources, please get in touch.

Prince Charles on YouTube

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I can't believe it. This is the second time recently I've mentioned Prince Charles in my Blog in the past month. It's not that I'm a particular fan, I suppose it's just because he's getting more and more involved in the environmental movement, most notably in publicizing the fate of the Rain Forest.

Anyway, I was staggered today when I watched his video on YouTube that it had only got 1,000 views. And yet it's been up for some weeks now and yet someone doing celebrity make-up tutorials can get that many views in a matter of minutes and be feted as a 'genius' and a spokesperson for a generation.

OK, so HRH may not be the most attractive man to look at and some people may not like what he represents but IN THIS case, he's trying to make a difference to, as he says, the most important challenge mankind has ever had to face. And only 400 YouTubers want to watch?!

Maybe it's all just too depressing and we should all just stick our heads in the sand and do our make up. I think it's worth watching and his messages and aims are good. So how about taking a look at what Prince Charles has to say - he is a fan of Rockford's Rock Opera after all.

Take a look at this link:

An Anonymous Moth in Barnet!

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Well hello!

Sorry - again - no blogs recently. Exciting times and no time to write.

Anyway. Here's bit of news of a non audiobook nature. An anonymous moth has been spotted... at New Barnet Station no less. The fabulous Mr Nick Rhodes spotted it on the steps of the station.

And a fine beast it is to be sure. If anyone knows what it is, please let us know!

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