New Read Along Story Coming Soon!

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Just writing about a new feature that'll be available soon on the Rockford's Rock Opera website. As well as the free audiobook stream we're introducing a new read along audio story. This is, in technical terms, a text synchronized audio book for children and adults. 

We're doing it following many requests from teachers and parents who love the story and have recognised the possibilities it offers for all aspects of learning. As you may know, Rockford's Rock Opera is now in use by many, many thousands of schools around the world (in the UK, Key Stage 2 primary school pupils are a particular focus as well, we're very glad to say English as a Foreign Language students). It's used to teach about ecology and extinction but also about language, writing, listening and storytelling skills.

We hope the new free read along story will be available in the next few weeks. SImply check back to the Rockford's Rock Opera home page and it will be clearly visible.

If you have any further suggestions about the site and how it may provide even better resources, please get in touch.

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