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Rockford's Rock Opera on BBC Radio London

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a rubbish blogger. Sorry.

Anyway. Rockford's Rock Opera, in the form of Steve Punt and me, were on the Robert Elms Show today on BBC Radio London. It was part of the publicity for our live show at the Museum of London this coming Sunday (28th June). It's in support of, and thanks to, The Open University (OU) which is celebrating '40 years of inspiring learning' with, I'm very happy to say, two performances of Rockford's Rock Opera.

Robert Elms was very nice and interested and we also met Danny Baker who seemed like a very nice chap too - I think he know Steve from a previous life.

It's always nice doing radio interviews and I do really enjoy doing them with Steve - we've known eachother for so many years now there's lots of common ground and good stories to tell... like the time (although we had done NOTHING wrong) we were stopped by the Police very late at night coming home from a gig. It was a young Policeman (they really are getting younger and younger these days...) who, when faced with two young men with a car full of musical gear at 2.30am in Redhill, and claiming to be called 'Sweetapple' and 'Punt'! decided to arrest us... until, with the help of bank cards and calls to parents (very rock and roll), we managed to prove to him that those really were our REAL names and we were innocent!

Anyway. Free downloadable stories for children and mp3 stories for kids can get you a long way these days. Including BBC London.

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