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Talking Book, Audio Book, Read Along and More!

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After months in the making we've now launched the Rockford's Rock Opera Read Along. This allows visitors to enjoy the audio book like a talking book i.e. with the text highlighting as the story is told. Then, when the songs start, it works a bit like a karaoke - so you can sing along!

We decided to create the read along - the only read along musical story in existence - after loads of requests from parents and teachers who wanted to extend their use of Rockford's Rock Opera. In practice, educators are using all of our materials, swapping between different versions of the story - audio stream, free story download and now, free talkingbook - to find the best use for their current classes.

Then of course, many thousands more people are simply enjoying the story without the education bit! To take a look at our new read along talking book version of Rockford's Rock Opera go here.

And please do let us know any feedback regarding how you're using the site and things we could do to make it even better :)

Butterfly Ball, The Point: Inspirational Audiobooks

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I'm often being asked about what albums, radio shows and audiobooks were the inspiration for Rockford's Rock Opera.  There are free downloads of Douglas Adam's 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy', Nilssen's 'The Point' and Roger Glover's 'Butterfly Ball' available if you look to some of the web's more murky audio download sites, however, if you like Rockford's Rock Opera I recommend you buy these works from a reputable supplier, listen and enjoy...

... just as I did...

A bit of detail: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is, of course, a classic sci-fi audiobook produced by the BBC based on Dougles Adam's scripts. The Butterfly Ball was written by ex Deep Purple bass player, Roger Glover, and is wonderful selection of story songs inspired by the pictures of artist Alan Aldrich (who also did many pictures of the Beatles songs). The Point! by Harry Nilssen is less well known but is a wonderful hippy story, narrated by the author about a boy called Oblio and his dog, Arrow.

I also have to mention Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' which I listened to constantly for about a year. There have been lots of other albums of course, including Sgt Pepper and Ogden's Nutgone Flake by the Small Faces, plus The Jungle Book that I've spent many a happy hour with. And I suppose they've all inspired our own aventure in sound, Rockford's Rock Opera. Take a listen - free - and see what you think!

Rockford's Pitch is No 1!

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A quick Blog about Rockford's Rock Opera's visit to Sheffield and the Showcomotion Children's TV and Film conference.  Here's what they say about themselves:

"The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is the only event in the UK dedicated to children's content across all media, and the inter-relationship between entertainment, education and play.

Since 2004 the conference has gone from strength to strength, and expanded its remit to the entire range of media and entertainment experiences available to kids.  It now attracts delegates and speakers from Radio, Television, Film, Interactive Media, Games, Licensing, Toys and Publishing..."

... and us!!!!

Elaine and I visited Showco in the hope that we could meet people in film and TV in order to introduce Rockford's Rock Opera to them. Up until now we've kept Rockford's Rock Opera very much 'on the web' and made no attempt to pitch it as a film or TV series. It's because we wanted to prove its success as a groundbreaking audiobook and also, to be honest, because we don't know anyone in film or TV!

Anyway. To cut a long story short Showcomotion went really well for us. In fact, Rockford's Rock Opera caused quite a stir, winning the Dragon's Den style pitching competition (up against an original 'short list' of over 100 pitches) on the first day and, as a result, getting a great introduction to some of the world's to international film and TV execs.

Without saying too much. We now have lots of interest and interesting people to meet.

A big thanks to everyone at ShowCo and we will certainly let you know more news just as soon as we can. (Still happy to hear from Steven Spielberg though...)

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