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Walking with Dinosaurs Audio Story News

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Last week we went to Wembley Arena in London to see the amazing Walking with Dinosaurs audio visual spectacular.

Amazing stuff. Really! If I had been 7 years old I think I would have exploded with excitement as the huge radio controlled beasts loomed over us! It was so interesting so to see how it was all staged. The mix of narration, facts, audio, acting and action was excellent.

It showed us what can be achieved in live theatre these days and what we can aim for for future live performances of Rockford's Rock Opera!

Anyway. For anyone, aged 5 to 105 whose considering going to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show, although it is expensive, it's well worth it. Or, if you can't afford the ticket to Walking with Dinosaurs, listen to part one of our dinosaur audio story which is completely free... and just as amazing :)

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