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An Audio Book for Earth Hour

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As you may know, at Rockford's Rock Opera, we're supporters of the work of the World Wildlife fund. And one of the WWF's biggest annual events is Earth Hour - a chance to switch off for an hour.

Now, as the globe prepares to switch off for Earth Hour, cities across the world are leading the drive to take Earth Hour 2011 beyond the hour by committing to lasting environmental actions including:

• Sydney, Australia where actions include switching to LED lights in parks and streets
• Medellin, Colombia where long term water protection and tree planting initiatives form part of a commitment that goes "beyond 60 minutes"
• Shenyang, China where 38,000 hectares of land will be reforested
• And a race among Sweden's cities to be named the Earth Hour capital.

Earth Hour is well worth supporting and knowing more about. For more information visit

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