New Rockford Song Supports 'Save the Manatee Club' Charity

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Sea Cows Go Interstellar In 
Rockford's Rock Opera

This article was first published by our friends, Save the Manatee Club, on their website:

In the new Rockford's Rock Opera adventure (coming soonish), the Interstellar Sea Cows wander the universe spreading peace and love with their siren's songs. Click on the image above or on the following link to hear the Interstellar Sea Cow Song. You can also download the song on Amazon (UK residents click here) or at iTunes and support manatee conservation efforts. (Image courtesy Elaine & Matthew Sweetapple.)

Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple live in the UK and are adoptive parents of Elaine the manatee. They are also creators of Rockford's Rock Opera, a musical story that teaches children about ecology and extinction. Rockford's Rock Opera is currently used in 15,000 schools worldwide and is a hit with children and adults alike with well over a million downloads to date. Recently, the Sweetapples created a new character for the story called the "Interstellar Sea Cow" together with a captivating song that's now available on Amazon (UK residents click here) or at iTunes, with all proceeds going to manatee conservation efforts.

Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple, creators of Rockford's Rock Opera and adoptive parents of Elaine the manatee.
Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple, creators ofRockford's Rock Opera, and adoptive parents of Elaine the manatee. (Photo courtesy Elaine & Matthew Sweetapple.)

Rockford's Rock Opera tells the story of a boy named Moog and his dog, Rockford, who arrive on the mystical Island of Infinity, which is home to the last one of every extinct animal species. The rock opera has been featured on the BBC and has received rave reviews, including a description by The Times as "an amazing mix of story, songs and sound effects." Matthew writes, produces and performs all the music for the rock opera, Elaine creates the designs and illustrations, and writer Steve Punt - a well-known comedian in the UK - provides the script and many of the voices.

The Sweetapples are currently hard at work on Rockford's next adventure, due out in 2012, and which features the Interstellar Sea Cow, an animal character based on the Steller's sea cow, a relative of modern day manatees and dugongs that was hunted to extinction in 1768. In Rockford's Rock Opera, the Interstellar Sea Cows are the last of an imagined herd of creatures that wander the universe spreading peace and love with their siren's songs. "We thought that the tale of the Steller's sea cow, and its fate at the hands of man, could be told to make the world aware of the plight of its modern day relatives," said Matthew. "The character was also inspired by the fact that the collective scientific name for all sea cows is 'Sirenia' - which both suggested the idea of music and sirens, and sounded to us very 'alien'!"

Moog searches for Rockford the dog in Rockford's Rock Opera.
Elaine creates the beautiful designs and illustrations for Rockford's Rock Opera. Above, Moog encounters the Anonymous Moth on his search for his dog Rockford. (Image courtesy Elaine & Matthew Sweetapple.)

The Sweetapples believe it is important to use the success ofRockford's Rock Opera to support organizations that are helping to protect endangered species, especially when they have relevance to their animal characters. So as a gift for Matthew's birthday last year, Elaine adopted her namesake, Elaine the manatee, from Save the Manatee Club, and the couple later contacted the Club to offer the proceeds from the Interstellar Sea Cow Song. "Over the past year - although we're in the UK - we were really impressed with the charity and its work, so when we wrote our sea cow song, it was obvious that Save the Manatee Club would be the charity we'd most like to support," said Elaine. "From our point of view, since our Interstellar Sea Cow character was inspired by manatees and sea cows, it's only right that the song should help support these amazing, gentle creatures."

Rockford the dog and the Cocklebur Ick meet Colonel Utensil and the Squid Squad in Rockford's Rock Opera.
Rockford and the Cocklebur Ick meet Colonel Utensil and the Squid Squad. (Image courtesy Elaine & Matthew Sweetapple.)

Matthew and Elaine have added Save the Manatee Club's web address to their Rockford web site and Facebook pages, so their visitors can learn more about manatees and what they can do to help protect them. The Rockford's Rock Opera web site also contains information about the threats currently faced by plants and animals around the world, along with lesson plans for educators and other resources. 

"In creating Rockford's Rock Opera, we've been amazed how the true stories of extinct creatures, mixed with a little imagination, truly inspire children, prompting them to ask questions and to learn more about the natural world," said Matthew. "It also, we're glad to say, inspires them to make a difference and to realise the importance of every life and every species, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant." 

"So now, if a catchy, Interstellar Sea Cow dance anthem inspires more people to support the Stellar sea cow's modern day relatives and Save the Manatee Club," said Elaine, "that's a brilliant result!"

Rockford and Ick are welcomed to the Island of Infinity in Rockford's Rock Opera.
Rockford and Ick are welcomed to the Island of Infinity, a place that is home to the last one of every extinct animal species. (Image courtesy Elaine & Matthew Sweetapple.)

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  • Listen to the Interstellar Sea Cow Song on Facebook.

  • Download the Interstellar Sea Cow song on iTunes or at Amazon and help support manatee conservation efforts. (Note: UK residents can download the song by clicking on this link for Amazon UK ). 

  • Discover Rockford's Rock Opera! Part One is available free to download or stream from the Rockford web site. It is also available as a podcast or free App on iPhone. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are available as a downloads, Apps or on CD.
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Elaine the manatee

As a gift for Matthew's birthday last year, Elaine Sweetapple adopted Elainethe manatee from Save the Manatee Club. Elaine lives in the wild and winters at Blue Spring State Park, located in Orange City, Florida. She is known as a manatee with a fierce independent streak.

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