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The Top Children's Story Download - on app, CD, DVD.

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Celebrating Two Million Children's Audiobook Downloads

We're delighted to announce that the award winning Rockford's Rock Opera audiobook for children has just passed the two million download mark.

These downloads, spread over our four children's audiobook apps (on Apple and Google play), our website (where the musical story can be streamed or downloaded) are in addition to the many plays via CD and DVD.

Rockford's Rock Opera is a musical educational story that's proved popular in schools (the story is rich in engaging educational content) and with families and children.

Part One - which is about an hour long is a free children's audiobook app and it's a free download at Rockford's Rock Opera website too.

To discover the magic of this unique children's audio story with pictures and videos, search for Rockford's Rock Opera on line, in the App Store or in Google Play. 

Say 'hello' to the Peacock Spider

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Although some of you may not like spiders... have a look at this. A species of 'jumping spider' from Australia! Worthy of being a character in Rockford's Rock Opera... perhaps they'll be a role for him in Part 5!View image

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