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Anonymous Moth is Euonymous Moth! News from our Audio Book

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If you know Rockford's Rock Opera Audiobook on CD, as a download book or now as a read along story, you'll know that one of our mysterious characters is called, The Anonymous Moth. Well, once again, fact is following fiction with this story from our friends at the Open University

On 6 October, a photo of an unusual looking moth was posted onto iSpot, the Open University's website to help anyone identify plants and wildlife. The OU identified it as being the Euonymus Leaf Notcher moth - never seen in the UK before.


Within 24 hours of it being identified on iSpot, the species was also confirmed by Martin Honey, Curator in the Department of Entomology at the Natural History Museum, and an expert in Taiwan. The Natural History Museum will take the moth into their collection this week.

Martin Harvey, a researcher at the OU's Biodiversity Observatory, who identified the moth on iSpot, said: 'this find demonstrates the power of the internet in helping everyone learn about wildlife. It may just be a one-off, or it could be harbinger of establishment in the UK. The moth is regarded as a something of pest in America and Asia, but its food plants are restricted to ornamental shrubs.'

The furry moth was found by six year old Katie Dobbins from Berkshire and her father posted the photo on iSpot ( iSpot is a new OU website to post images to help name the flower, plant, insect or animal seen and share observations with others.

So, perhaps a future episode of Rockford's Rock Opera's audiobook on CD or on line with have an Euonymous Moth and well as an Anonymous one!

The Best Children's Audiobooks for Christmas 2009

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Rockford's Rock Opera is the perfect Xmas audio book for all ages. Children and adults alike. Not only its there a Christmas, wintery feel to the story, complete with snow and magical happenings, it's an ecological tale of hope for all ages.

Here's the Guardian's Christmas audiobook review:

"For years I've distributed Christmas presents of Peter and the Wolf to small children starting flute/clarinet/piano lessons. This year I'm breaking new ground with this thoroughly modern musical for kids about a boy called Moog and a dog called Rockford...

Ingenious story, foot-tapping music and three booklets containing not just the lyrics so you can all sing along, but lots of quirky pictures of strange animals, sci-fi scenery, Battersea power station and other stuff that children think about while practising arpeggios."
Sue Arnold (The Guardian)

Of course, Rockford's Rock Opera isn't just for children learning music. Another who loves a good Christmas audio story and great music at Christmas will enjoy the adventure.

As The Times Best Kids Audiobooks for Christmas review said:

"Rockford's Rock Opera is an amazing mix of story, songs and sound effects. It has a freshness that makes you smile as you listen and could become a cult favourite as beloved as Wallace and Gromit."
Christina Hardyment (The Times)

But, as the Observer Review of the Best Audiobooks 2009 pointed out, the great thing about Rockford's Rock Opera is that you can sample an hour of the story free for Christmas. It's a free Christmas story online for everyone to enjoy this festive season.

Happy Christmas and welcome to Rockford's Rock Opera the best free children's audio book for Xmas!

The UK National Year of Music and Rockford's Rock Opera

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No blogs recently. Sorry. Just busy.

Anyway, for any of you who don't know, here's news about the UK 's National Year of Music.

Let's just hope they spend all that money wisely. It's interesting, in relation to Rockford's Rock Opera audio book and read along what they say about music and learning. I hope we may have more to say about our involvement in the scheme over the coming months.

The National Year of Music is being launched in schools with the 'biggest ever music lesson' featuring artists including VV Brown, Kila Kela and Jamie Cullum.

The Year of Music will launch with a music lesson involving chart-topping artists broadcast from a school in Acton to thousands of children across the country. The Year runs until September 2010 with events taking place across the country, encouraging children - whatever their talent - to get involved in music.

The UK Government will be investing £330 million into music, both in and outside the classroom and UK Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, is calling on schools and local authorities to make a concerted effort to get more young people into music. It is hoped that by 2011 over two million primary school pupils will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument free.

With research showing links between music and attainment in reading and writing, Balls said: "Headteachers tell me the reason why they want to teach music and dance is not just because they're fun, but they also have a positive impact on pupils' reading and writing. Research backs this up, showing direct links between music and attainment, better behaviour and better social cohesion."

The UK Year of Music will also be supported by artists including Lily Allen, rock guitarist Slash, N-Dubz, The Hoosiers and Danni Minogue, as well as violinist Vanessa Mae, the English National Ballet and the casts of Wicked and Mamma Mia. They are all coming together to inspire children and highlight the broad range of musical opportunities on offer.

UK Schools Minister Diana Johnson said: "Through the National Year of Music, we not only want to celebrate the wealth of young musical talent that we have in this country, but we also want to make more schools - and parents - aware of the importance of good music opportunities. More funding, more exciting resources, and more opportunities to work with the music industry mean that music should no longer be a side-lined subject in the timetable."

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