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The Best Children's Mobile Apps - Top Audio Book Apps for Kids

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Great Apps for children for the Apple iPhone and iPhone Touch becoming immensely popular.

So here's our round up of the very best children's Apps for Christmas and the whole year around - the top kids apps for entertainment and education. Great for keeping the kids quiet while traveling and recommended by parents who know. The first one you may have heard of!

1. Rockford's Rock Opera
Ages 4+  FREE FREE

This is an amazing kid's app (great for all ages in fact) and its FREE. There's over an hour of audio story with pictures, animated music videos for children and it's a great story. It's quite a large app so you'll need wifi to download it but it's well worth the wait. Great fun and educational content for children on the iPhone and iPhone Touch.

2. Wurdle
Ages 5+ $1.99

A very fun word finding game that's a bit like Boggle, with sound effects.  This app is even good for kids who are relatively new to the reading and spelling game.

3. FaceMelter
Ages 2 + $1.99

We thought this was a bit scary but it's very popular! You take or download pictures, then manipulate and weird them up by using your finger.

4. Smacktalk
Ages 2 + $.99

We really like this one. Speak into the microphone, and a cute creature speaks your words back at you in a high pitched voice. Great fun..

5. Pocket God
Ages 7 + $.99

A great kids game where you can play God and sacrifice the locals  to sharks, lightning, and vampire bats.

All these apps are great fun and widely recommended. The iPhone and iPhone Touch really are leading the way when it comes to downloadable entertainment for all ages and with nearly 100,000 apps already available there's plenty of choice this Xmas. If you're starting out, give these recommendations a go and you won't go wrong. Have fun!

Rockford's Christmas Audio Book Readalong

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We're getting close to the last posting dates for Xmas. This year's been brilliant with hundreds of Rockford's Rock Opera audio books being dispatched for Christmas presents all over the world.

There's still time to order the audio books on CD (visit our audio book shop) but, don't worry, if you've left it all too late you can simply download our story for Christmas or get a site membership so you can enjoy the story with the whole family over the holidays - as an audio book stream, read along story or an on line picture book

We've got lots of exciting plans and news for 2010 but, for the moment, have a great Christmas and thanks for listening!!

Join Rockford's Rock Opera on FaceBook!

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A quick reminder!

We've given in to the 21st Century and Rockford's Rock Opera audio book is now on FaceBook. Actually, of course, it's a great place to get in touch with people, to preview songs and to share our news.

If you're on FaceBook, please do say 'hello' and be our special friend, we'd love to hear from you!

Just follow this link:

Rockford's Rock Opera on FaceBook

See you soon : )

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