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Here's a lovely Review of Rockford's Rock Opera from Inside the Wendy House - a lovely blog for children and parents:

This is what they said :-)

Music is a fundamental part of life Inside the Wendy House.  From my own teenaged songstress, to my guitar playing husband to my all singing, all dancing little ones, not a moment goes by where our love of music does not figure in some way.

So when I was offered the chance to review Rockford's Rock Opera I was only too happy to be able to introduce something new into my home for my music loving family to enjoy.  I'm so glad I did.

Created by Sweetapple and written by comedian Steve Punt, it is an adventure like no other.  An amazing story where sound effects, narration, fantastic characters and wonderful songs combine to create a unique adventure in sound.  The central character is Rockford the dog.

The story tells us about the far, away Sea of Tranquility where the Island of Infinity lies.  Here is home to the last one of every extinct animal species, the world's lost creatures.  And they have a secret for the world!

The Rockford's Rock Opera is a triple CD pack.  The complete story of Rockford's Rock Opera is told in three parts.  Each enhanced CD features an animated video bringing the story to life and comes with a 24 page illustrated booklet featuring the song lyrics.  

The Rockford's Rock Opera is like an audio book which tells a beautiful story with great songs.  It is quite dark in parts but is ultimately about hope.  At two and a half hours long it is perfect for a long car journey (which is how we first listened to it!)  It is an entertaining tale with memorable tunes, fantastical creatures and great music.  "The Cocklebur Ick" song has become a family favourite with its catchy chorus!

The most powerful thing about this Rock Opera is the message contained within the songs.  The idea that we can learn so much from the world and its vast array of inhabitants, many of which have been around for millions of years. It reminds us of the tragedy of extinction.  It teaches us to respect our world, to listen, to look, to learn.  The power to save the planet is here...we just have to find it!  In these times when children are so clued up on the environment, this comes as a real breath of fresh air and food for thought about the future of our planet (albeit in a fictional, fantastical way!)

For more details, sample music and to buy a copy, check out their website.  For just £15.99 you could own this stunning piece of musical storytelling!

A big THANK YOU for such a lovely review! For more like this please subscribe to Inside the Wendy House

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