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The next generation of free audiobooks

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Because of Rockford's Rock Opera's worldwide success I often find myself speaking to audiences and meetings about the wider issues around the future of audiobooks, downloadable stories and read along stories.

New technology such as the iPhone, faster download speeds and a more tech savvy population (especially amongst children) are all having an impact on how we 'consume' our entertainment and there no doubt that streamed video is the driving force behind many recent innovations. Yet, despite the fact that new technology means that there's more and more possibilities for visual video streaming, audio stories and listen along books continue to grow in popularity.

Anyone who's every enjoyed listening along with an adventure in sound will know why! Quite simply, there's a unique escape to be found in sound waves - a world of imagination and, especially for children, an amazing world of learning. Audio books are great for language acquisition and literacy.

But that's all very well. Sonic tales have been around for years - apart from new means of delivery - iPhones, iPods, Sony Readers and the like - where are the innovations?


Without being too big headed :), Rockford's Rock Opera's multi media approach to on line delivery - not only a story, but also the facts behind the fiction, resources, extra free materials and video content - represents a great model for the future.

On one hand the ecological story can be enjoyed in the ears and in the head. We've spend a great deal of time creating a adventure with sound effects where worlds are created in sound and music but also, we've provided more visual stimulus to go along with the story. So listeners become drawn further into the production and learn more, their imaginations already having been fuelled by the limitless excitement of their imagination.

To know more, simply play chapter one of RRO - it's free audio for children and adults so what are you waiting for? Experience the future of aural entertainment!

Audiobooks rise in Popularity

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Some News from Publishers Weekly Magazine that's worth passing on with regard to Rockford's Rock Opera and our love of the audio adventure format:

In the USA during 2007, sales of spokenword audiobooks rose 12%, to just over $1 billion and the percentage of adults who now listen to audiobooks rose to 28%, according the Audio Publishers Association's annual sale and consumer surveys.

Young listeners are apparently the fastest-growing segment of the market, with the APA reporting that 53% of teenagers have listened to an audiobook. Sales of CDs and downloads increased in the year, while sales of cassettes declined. CDs represented 78% of audiobook sales in 2007, with downloads comprising 17%, up from 14% in 2006.

The car continues to be the place where most people listen to audiobooks the most, with 40% of consumers reporting they listen to audiobooks during long drives and another 18% listen on their commute to work. Twenty-three percent of consumers said listening to audiobooks was a good use of time while doing other activities.

Thanks to the APA and Publishers Weekly for the info. For more visit their websites.

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