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Talking Book, Audio Book, Read Along and More!

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After months in the making we've now launched the Rockford's Rock Opera Read Along. This allows visitors to enjoy the audio book like a talking book i.e. with the text highlighting as the story is told. Then, when the songs start, it works a bit like a karaoke - so you can sing along!

We decided to create the read along - the only read along musical story in existence - after loads of requests from parents and teachers who wanted to extend their use of Rockford's Rock Opera. In practice, educators are using all of our materials, swapping between different versions of the story - audio stream, free story download and now, free talkingbook - to find the best use for their current classes.

Then of course, many thousands more people are simply enjoying the story without the education bit! To take a look at our new read along talking book version of Rockford's Rock Opera go here.

And please do let us know any feedback regarding how you're using the site and things we could do to make it even better :)

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