Rockford the Dog
Status: Species known to science.

Rockford the Dog

Rockford is a friendly brown dog with a crooked tail. He can't remember why his tail is that way but he thinks it's got something to do with how he arrived at Battersea Dogs Home. Rockford's first owners hadn't been very nice to him and for a while he'd been very nervous around humans.

He loves Moog dearly but, as a young dog, he is still capable of naughtiness and runs off occasionally, but he usually comes back quickly. Rockford suspects that his poo is magic because the humans always collect it in special bags and put it very carefully into magic looking boxes by the side of the path in Battersea Park. He hopes that one day his Magic Poo will bring peace and harmony to the world.

Rockford tends not to say very much which he finds usually works.