Children's Musical

A quick scan of Google will reveal many children's musicals. Musicals for children have been around for as long as there have been musicals, young audiences and performers always being happy to join in the fun.

However, many children's musicals can suffer from the same faults as some children's music - they are patronising to children and unlistenable to by adults. Good musicals for children should be enjoyed by all ages. Just because it's a children's musical doesn't mean it cannot be enjoyed by adults. A great children's musical is a great musical. Simple as that. Think of musicals like Annie and The Sound of Music - great children's musicals...

Many of the early Disney cartoons, although not strictly children's musicals, contained fantastic child friendly songs - sadly lacking from much of Disney's recent output.

I remember children's musicals with great fondness. It seems the music I heard as a child, whether on the radio or from children's musicals, is some of the most memorable music I've ever heard.

Rockford's Rock Opera is a children's musical in the sense that it can be enjoyed by children as young as five. On the other hand it's a musical that can be enjoyed by people of all ages with a universal message of hope.

This is a new kind of children's musical.

We hope you enjoy it.

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