Matthew Sweetapple wrote a song called "Rockford's Christmas"
for fun and gave it to his young niece as a Christmas present.


People started requesting copies of "Rockford's
Christmas" and the song was sent out on CD as
a Christmas card


With the song established as a Christmas favourite amongst friends and family, Matthew and his wife Elaine were getting a bit of a name for themselves in 'alternative charity', through their creative ideas such as Peeball (visit www.sweetapple.co.uk for details). Says Matthew:
"We decided it might be time to do something more with 'that Christmas song' and so we approached Battersea Dogs Home with the idea of creating a charity Christmas single."

And so it was that Rockford's Christmas Song was re-recorded and an animated video produced to go with it - thanks to the wonderful model making talents of Sophie Williams (who created models of Rockford and his friend Ick) and Steve Skinner who's created all of Rockford's videos.

"Rockford's Christmas video was finally completed just before Christmas and, although everyone loved it, we had run out of time to make any serious attempt at the Xmas No.1!
Next year will be our year we thought!"