Steve Punt (Scriptwriter/Performer)
Steve performs Colonel Utensil/Patrick/The Registrar/Herc (and many more) and plays keyboards on a number of Rockford songs. Working with Matthew and Elaine, Steve helped develop the story and wrote the script for Rockford's Rock Opera. Steve is a well-known face on TV and an even-better-known voice on radio.

Chiz Willis (Illustrator/Storyboarder)
A life-long lover of animation, cartoons and E H Shepard, Chiz's original line drawings brought Rockford's Rock Opera's characters to life. Chiz also storyboarded The Tale of the Cocklebur Ick video and has performed countless other tasks for the project.

Steve Skinner (Animator)
Steve lovingly animates Rockford's Rock Opera. Steve lives in a small house tucked away in a wood in Kent which he shares with his wife Isabel, two rescue dogs and numerous other creatures including a reindeer and, sadly no longer, a pair of rheas (see pic).