Missing People is the UK's only charity that works with young runaways, missing and unidentified people, their families and others who care for them.

What they do:

  • A national 24 hour helpline for people who are missing someone.

  • Support, advice and guidance, and practical help to families of missing people.

  • Publicity in the media: on TV, newspapers, radio and other media including Teletext and MoMedia plasma screens on buses for missing people.

  • A confidential national computerised register of missing people.

  • A unique specialised identification service which uses age progression, image enhancement and facial reconstruction techniques to update photos of people missing for years and help professionals identify people.

  • A national 24 hour service called Message Home for adults who have left home and want to pass a message on to their family.

  • A national 24 hour helpline called the Runaway Helpline for young people, under 18 who have been forced to, or who have decided to leave home.

The charity started from a bedroom in south-west London following the disappearance of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh in 1986. The services grew rapidly and in 1993 it became a registered charity.

Missing People


Missing People is a UK Registered charity No. 1020419