Problems playing downloads?

If you have downloaded a song, a podcast or the full Rock Opera and cannot play it, please check this list:

Playback on PC or Apple Mac
Do you have software that is designed to play MP3 files, such as iTunes? If 'Yes', make sure the software can 'see' the MP3 file in a folder that it recognises. Is the file name recognisable (i.e. can you see the track title followed by .mp3)? Are you running any other software at the same time that might interfere with playback, such as email?

Problems playing files transferred to an MP3 player or iPod
Make sure you have copied the file over correctly and that it appears in the playlist.

If you still have problems, click here to contact us and tell us:
1. What your computer or MP3 player is - brand, processor etc
For computer problems only:
2. Whether you are on broadband or dial-up.
3. How much memory (RAM) your computer has.
4. What MP3 playback software you have.

We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.