Downloading problems?

If you are trying to download a song, podcast or the whole Rock Opera and are experiencing problems, please check this list:
1. If you are on dial-up, make sure there is not a time-out limit.
2. Make sure your screensaver can't interfere with downloading.
3. If you have paid for a download and it has failed to download, please check your email in-box for any message from Rockford. If you have received a download pass code and it will not let you download, click here.

If you still have problems, click here to contact us and tell us:
1. What your computer is - brand, processor etc
2. Whether you are on broadband.
3. How much memory (RAM) your computer has.
4. What browser you use (e.g. Explorer, Safari)

We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.