Problems with our Shop?

Rockford's Rock Shop has been developed to handle orders from all around the world. Some countries may not be able to order from it yet - click here to contact us if you want to place an order from outside the UK and are experiencing problems.

If you are experiencing problems during the order process, please check the list below:
1. Make sure your credit card number is correct and the details (name, address etc) are exactly the same as your credit card supplier has.
2. Make sure your delivery address is correct, especially if you want it sent to an address that is not the card owner's address.
3. Make sure your card has not expired.
4. You must give us a valid email address and contact phone number. Without these, we cannot resolve ordering problems.

If you still have problems, click here to contact us and tell us:

We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

NOTE: the Shop may still be under construction when you try to order. Please use the Contact Us section if you want to order any product.