Problems printing Lyric Sheets?

If you click Print in the window at the top of a song in the Music & Lyrics section, it should open the Acrobat Reader plug-in of your computer's web browser. If it doesn't, you either don't have Adobe Acrobat installed, or you have a very old version. It's free to install or upgrade, so click here to get it.

The Lyric Sheets are set up for A4 black and white printing (to save wasting expensive colour ink cartridges). You can either print from the window or save the file (it'll have the song's name followed by .pdf) for later printing. If you have trouble printing, check your page setup, which should be set to A4 portrait (upright page) at 100% scaling. You may also be able to set it to print only using the black ink cartridge - some printers try to print black using all of the colours, which is very wasteful.

If you still have problems, click here to contact us and tell us:

We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.