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Rockford's Rock Opera is a new kind of story - an adventure in sound for adults and children which is perfect for iPods and all mp3 players. You can download over an hour of the story below by clicking on the Download Story button. It's free and in itunes quality mp3 format. Or, if you prefer, you can press the Podcast story button - another way to enjoy the iPod Story.

Rockford's Rock Opera tells the story of Rockford the dog and his remarkable adventures on Infinity, a bizarre island of extinct creatures, mind expanding soundscapes, amazing music, fantastic illustrations and animated videos. Rockford's Rock Opera is like nothing you'll ever have experienced before - an adventure in sound. As well as an iPod Story you can also enjoy the story as:

Free Audio Book Stream:

An abridged streamed version of the story is available here to play on your own computer FREE ! Turn your speakers on, then press the PLAY button below and our Free Audio Book Stream will play. Or:

Podcast Story:

Press the PODCAST button below our RSS feed will send you a free Rockford's Rock Opera Podcast Story!

Audio Book on CD:

This is the best possible way to experience Rockford's Rock Opera - click on the violet boat button and visit our online shop to buy a copy of the CD. With the all of Part One, the music, an animated video and a full colour booklet, it's a unique experience for everybody. There really is nothing else like the experience of the Rockford's Rock Opera Audio Book on CD!

More about the Story

This is a completely original adventure in sound about creatures, teh 5th extinction and the current state of the earth. Why not take some time to look through the site at the information pages (you'll see there are also Free Lesson Plans for Teachers and students).

A Sweetapple Idea

Rockford's Rock Opera is created by Sweetapple, Steve Punt wrote the script and performs many of the key characters. Our musical story is a bit of a tribute to the 1960's and the days of the best concept albums but it's also a completely new, 21st century way to enjoy a story.

"We need more positive sounds... not to mention more hope" says creator of Rockford's Rock Opera, Matthew Sweetapple, "Via the Free Audio Book Stream and the Story Download, the web means we can reach the world with an entirely new kind of iPod Story."

Rockford's Rock Opera is a brilliant iPod Story, ready and eager to get downloaded to your iPod (or any mp3 player).

Part One is also a free iPod Story... which is nice.

So when you're traveling to work, to school or anywhere really and fancy an iPod story to entertain you, simply download Rockford's Rock Opera to listen to.

Simply press the 'Download' button below for the Rockford's Rock Opera iPod Story.

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