Rock Opera

The excellent Wikipedia defines the Rock Opera thus:

"A rock opera or rock musical is a musical production in the form of an opera or a musical in a modern rock and roll style rather than more traditional forms."

The rock opera now appears in many forms including metal rock opera, rock opera, rap rock opera, country rock opera, pop rock opera, even the hip-hop rock opera. To most people, the first time they will have come across a rock opera will have been 'Tommy' by The Who, the foundations of which were laid as early as 1966.

A comprehensive list of rock operas can be found on the web, including all the rock opera favourites.

Rockford's Rock Opera is probably best described as a Concept Album, rather than a Rock Opera but it certainly follows the main 'rules' of the Rock Opera with pop and rock songs taking the place of traditional operatic music.

As a Rock Opera for all ages, Rockford's Rock Opera offers a unique story for our time. A Rock Opera for our time!

We hope you enjoy it.

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