Rockford's Christmas

Rockford's Christmas

Rockford's Rock Opera

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Rockford's Christmas.

Christmas Morning (Rockford's Christmas Song) was originally recorded as a Christmas present for a little girl. However, over a period of the years the songs popularity grew and soon fans form all other the UK were falling for Rockford's Christmas charm.

Rockford's Christmas Song is an unashamedly catchy Christmas song with real charm. Click on the button on Rockford's starry bottom to see Rockford's Christmas video too. You can also buy Rockford's Christmas Song with Rockford's Christmas video from our shop. Remember all profits from the CD go to Battersea Dog's Home. Happy Rockford's Christmas!

Rockford's Rock Opera.

This year, Rockford has grown. Rockford's Rock Opera is an amazing adventure in sound for all adults and children. With 16 more Rockford songs to enjoy, there are videos, pictures and more. Simple visit our shop to buy a copy or, to hear a FREE sample, just press the Play button below (or, if you prefer you can download the or register for a free Podcast. It really like nothing else.

Battersea Dog's Home.

Battersea Dog's and Cat's Home is the oldest and most famous animal home in the world. Set up in the 1860's under the patronage of Queen Victoria, Battersea now helps rescue, reunite and rehome over 8,000 animals every year. Rockford's Christmas was originally realeased to support the Dogs and Cats of Battersea and all profits from the sales of Rockford's Christmas Single go to Battersea Dog's Home.

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