This is a unique adventure in sound for adults and children. With narration, sound effects, songs and videos, it's a totally new kind of musical experience.

The story is in 3 parts (each part is about 50 minutes long, split into 10 min chapters)
Part One (52 minutes) is available to Download, Podcast and Stream FREE!


Scripted by and featuring Steve Punt, Rockford’s Rock Opera tells the story of a boy and his dog who arrive on the mystical Island of Infinity. Infinity is home to the last one of every extinct animal species. Here beneath a mystical swirling sky, live the world's lost creatures. And the creatures have a secret for the world.

  • The whole of Rockford's Rock Opera is available to download or on 3 CDs with fully illustrated books and animated videos. Visit our shop.

  • Part One is available online now:

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The website also features free animated videos, information and teaching resources highlighting the ecological and extinction issues central to the story.

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