A recent study found that on average we have more than 300 man-made compounds in our bodies - from artificial musks used in cosmetics, to cleaning products, flame retardants and chemicals used to make plastics and coatings. We cannot say for certain what long-term effects these will have on our health. The disposal of persistent and harmful chemicals into the water system is adding to increasing levels of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the food chain.

Many household chemical cleaners can be dangerous to the environment (and to humans!) but they can easily be replaced by non-toxic alternatives, which are also much cheaper to use.

For example, olive oil can be used, sparingly, as a furniture polish
and fingerprint remover for stainless steel.

Malt Vinegar has many uses, such as a surface cleaner, stain remover and descaler - it cuts through grease, deodorises and acts as
a mild disinfectant.

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