Big Cats in Crisis

We wanted to share the story of five beautiful African Lions. These big cats are currently stranded in war-torn Kyiv, Ukraine. Vanda, Amani, Lira, Yuna, and Rori have endured unimaginable distress, kept in small enclosures, suffering from the trauma of the ongoing conflict, especially the noise of explosions.

Escape from a War Zone

But there is hope. Our friends at Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, are working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to provide these lions with the safe, loving home they deserve. Away from war. But they urgently need our help.

Watch the African Lion story, follow their progress, and find out ways to help.

Supporting the Rescue

The charities continue to raise the money needed to fund safe transportation out of Ukraine. Donations will also go towards building temporary holding facilities where the lions will receive immediate care. They are also currently building a new rescue facility beside the current Project Lion enclosures in Kent.

A New Life

The aim is to move them from their temporary shelter in Ukraine to a sanctuary where they can heal and thrive. Once the rescue centre is built, Vanda, Amani, Lira, Yuna, and Rori will be welcomed into their new home.

Every Little Helps

Every donation, no matter how small, brings the team one step closer to ensuring these magnificent African lions are safe, cared for, and loved. If you can, please donate what you can afford and be a part of this life-saving mission.

The Rescuers

Aaron, Tyler, and Cameron, stars of the CBBC natural history TV series, ‘One Zoo Three’ are the three brothers that are involved in the African Lion rescue. They talk to us on our kids podcast, ‘Stories, Science and Secrets’ about the other animals in their care at Hertfordshire Zoo, and their global conservation efforts. Subscribe to our free podcast, available everywhere.