Remember those wildflower filled meadows supporting all kinds of wildlife?

Sadly, 97% have vanished since the 1930s, leaving pollinators like bees and butterflies struggling for food.

Your lawn can be a haven for wildflowers if you give it a chance. A healthy lawn with a mix of long grass and wildflowers benefits wildlife in countless ways, even helping to tackle pollution and store carbon.

The UK has over 20 million gardens, and even small patches of lawn can make a big difference. By managing our lawns differently, we can create a network of green spaces that benefits everyone, especially wildlife.

That’s where #NoMowMay comes in!

Plant Life is encouraging us all to not mow our lawns throughout May (and ideally beyond).

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• Download & print posters
• Read their wildlife gardening top tips
• Answer all your #NoMowMay questions!

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