Dramatised Audiobooks for Teaching

When we first created Lost on Infinity and our Rockford’s Rock Opera audiobooks for teaching we knew that the subject matter, focusing on endangered species, ecological and extinction issues, would be relevant to schools,  teaching and to the national curriculum. Written by a key member of the original Horrible Histories writing team, Steve Punt, our stories are engaging, media-rich and packed full of teacher-friendly topics.

You can sample our ecological story, Lost on Infinity, here.

Dramatised Audiobooks for Teaching and Learning

As many readers will be aware endangered species, ecology and climate change are now major parts of schools teaching programmes and our audio books offer an excellent introduction to these topics, together with a whole range of class-based lesson ideas.

So many educational resources and dramatised audiobooks for teaching, especially around subjects such as ecology and climate change, suffer from the fact that they start from the premise of teaching topics. Lost on Infinity and Rockford’s Rock Opera’s educational audiobooks start with a great, engaging and thought-provoking story… which also happens to be an excellent educational resource.

With its mix of narration, dramatization, sound effects and songs Lost on Infinity provides a rich world in which to learn and to be inspired. In addition, as its subject matter touches upon extinction, recently extinct species, ecology and the effect that man is having on the natural world, our audiobooks are naturally suited to the National Curriculum – inspiring conversations, ideas and so much more. In addition, we provide a range of teaching materials and lesson plans which can be used to inspire lessons, class activities and indeed full school activities, such as plays and assemblies.

Rockford’s Rock Opera Audiobooks for Learning

To discover our stories and to find out if they would be suitable for your KS1/KS2 children and for your school, simply PRESS HERE and you can sample our Lost on Infinity audio story for education – you can also access our sample teaching materials.

Like all websites, the Rockford’s Rock Opera site is constantly growing and evolving and we would welcome any feedback and ideas from teachers or parents using our audiobooks at home to help us perfect and to add new content.

We do hope you’ll enjoy our stories, as many millions of other children and families have done over the past 10 years and, if you’re enjoying our audiobooks at school, please do get in touch. Many thanks for listening and enjoy the story

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