About Extinction, About Biodiversity, Value of the Natural World, Back From the Brink

At its heart, Rockford's Rock Opera is a story about extinction and the many amazing creatures our world will lose if humans don't think again about how we treat the natural world. But, losing creatures to extinction isn't just sad, it could deprive the world of important answers.

This section deals not only with the extinction, but also with some of the many important scientific discoveries that have been made as a result of the study of animals and plants - discoveries that simply wouldn't have happened if those creatures or plants had been extinct.

Extinction seems to be a natural part of evolution and, scientists have suggested, 99.9% of all the creatures that ever lived may now be extinct. But how many medical, engineering and other breakthroughs might we loose if we allow more life forms to become extinct, before their time, as the result of human short-sightedness...

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