The Island of Infinity is home to the world’s extinct creatures. On Infinity, the Cocklebur Ick must find a place to live… forever. But her search for a home brings her into the domain of the mysterious King of Nowhere, the most feared creature on Infinity.

This sweet, funny and a little-bit-scary story shows how the smallest creatures can make the biggest difference and that, however lost we may feel, hope is never far away.

With fantastic songs and amazing characters, The King of Nowhere will have you blowing your gasbags and singing along!

Available as an audio story to download and on CD.
Running Time 1 hour and 20 minutes. Suitable for all ages.

Lost on Infinity

Lost on Infinity is the first award-winning musical story by Rockford’s Rock Opera. Featuring and scripted by BBC comedian Steve Punt, it’s an adventure in sound… about animals, extinction and the effect humans are having on the planet. A thoughtful and hopeful ecological story which has enchanted millions of children and adults across the world.

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The King of Nowhere

The second magical musical adventure from Rockford’s Rock Opera. An extraordinary story of belonging, friendship and hope. With fantastical characters – from dinosaurs to foul smelling bog hoppers, boring badgers and the mysterious King of Nowhere – join in as the Cocklebur Ick searches for a home on the Island of Infinity.

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The Spooo who Grew

A short (but world-changing) story from Rockford’s Rock Opera. On Infinity, the sticky Cocklebur Ick is surprised to see that the whole Island has turned out to celebrate someone’s birthday. But whose birthday is it? And what life-form could possibly be so important that every single creature wants to join in the celebrations?

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The End of Infinity

The latest remarkable installment from Rockford’s Rock Opera’s award-winning adventures on the Island of Infinity. Join Moog and Rockford as they fight to save the world, and discover that there are some things all humans can agree on! A thrilling, funny, thought-provoking musical story full of twists… and evolutionary wrong turnings.

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