There’s a glimmer of hope in the fight for endangered tigers. A recent survey in Bhutan, supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), revealed a significant 27% increase in the Royal Bengal tiger population within the country. This brings the total number to 131 tigers, a marked improvement since 2015.

This news is especially significant considering the Royal Bengal tiger’s status as an endangered species.

With only about 4,500 wild tigers left globally, Bhutan’s population boom represents nearly half of the remaining tigers. The study also serves as a stark reminder of the broader biodiversity crisis. Alarmingly, over 1 million species face extinction, with 25% of all plant and animal groups at risk.

But what makes Bhutan’s tiger habitat so crucial? This region serves as a critical corridor, enabling genetic diversity by connecting tiger populations in Nepal and northeast India. However, human activities and the ever-present threat of climate change continue to cast a shadow over these magnificent creatures, even leading to increased conflict between humans and tigers.

The Vanishing Treasures program, backed by UNEP

Thankfully, there are rays of hope. The Vanishing Treasures program is making a real difference. This initiative prioritizes community-led solutions such as electric fences, grassland restoration programs, and even genetic analysis. These measures aim to protect the tigers while also mitigating conflict situations.

Bhutan’s success story underscores the importance of global collaboration in preserving endangered species. Discussions on this critical topic are expected to take centre stage at the upcoming United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-6) later this year.

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