Teaching Resources to Accompany our Children’s Audiobook (ages 7-9)

‘Lost on Infinity’ An Ecological Story
(Sample Chapters 1 & 2)

Lost on Infinity is an ecological musical story that is used in schools around the world to teach about ecology, endangered species, and biomimicry in an empowering, hopeful, and uniquely engaging way. The story is approximately two hours long, broken up into 16 convenient 5 to 12 minute chapters.

To discover the story, lesson plans covering all aspects of the curriculum, including the new 2022 Welsh curriculum, and lots more, you can play Chapters 1 and 2 here. (Simply press play on the video below) and also download our free teaching resources (links below). Then, to enjoy the whole award-winning story with all of our learning resources, simply become a member (details below and on our MEMBERSHIP PAGE). We hope you and your students will enjoy this extraordinary and unique learning experience.

Chapter 1 (10 minutes)

Click PLAY on the video above to meet a boy called Moog and a dog called Rockford and hear their song ‘Rock the World’. To the sound of ‘Roaming with Rockford’,
Moog and Rockford visit Battersea Park with Moog’s Uncle where Rockford goes missing. We meet a small, sticky creature called the Cocklebur Ick. The Ick tells her sad story, ‘Tale of the Cocklebur Ick’ and, together, she and Rockford sail away on a mysterious journey.

Free Sample Lesson Plans

English: Develop a character study on one of the main characters. Download PDF

Science, Geography and Local Studies: Look at animal habitats in your local area.  Download PDF

English, Literacy, Poetry and Design: A collection of 6 lesson plans covering KS1 and KS2, based on ‘The Tale of the Cocklebur Ick’ musical story. Download PDF

Chapter 2 (11 minutes)

Rockford and Ick meet a strange ten legged creature, a dectopus, called Colonel Utensil. He and his ‘Squid Squad’ are guarding an Island. The Cocklebur Ick is expected but Rockford, it seems, should not be
here. Nonetheless, Rockford and the Cocklebur Ick are allowed to land on the Island.

Free Sample Lesson Plans

Science, History and English: Design your own creature and write an account. Download PDF

Maths: Learn to handle data in graphs and tables. Download PDF

Sample Lesson Plans for the new 2022 Welsh Curriculum.  Download PDF

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A unique 2-hour ecological musical adventure. With clear narration, sound effects, wonderful songs, and an enchanting original story, Rockford’s Rock Opera’s Lost on Infinity is like nothing else. Entertaining and inspiring for children, teachers, and parents alike.

Parenting Media Award