Rockford's Rock Opera - Musical Audiobook audiobookRockford's Rock Opera – Musical Audiobook
What is Rockford’s Rock Opera?

Rockford’s Rock Opera is a series of dramatised musical stories with clear narration, songs and videos.

‘Lost on Infinity’ – The first story from Rockford’s Rock Opera.

Far away in the Sea of Tranquillity is the Island of Infinity, home to the world’s lost creatures. Infinity has a secret for the world but Moog, a boy from Battersea in London, and Rockford his dog are the only ones who can deliver its message. Traveling to Infinity Moog and Rockford are drawn into an adventure that threatens the entire human race.

At its heart, Lost on Infinity is a tale about extinction. But it’s a hopeful story that shows that the smallest creatures, and humans, can make the biggest difference.

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‘Distant Generation’ (from our story) shows
the importance of all life and why we must
protect and nurture every living thing.
Somewhere out there, an anonymous
creature may have a secret that could save
the world. And we might find that by saving
them, we are actually saving ourselves.

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The first story from Rockford’s Rock Opera!
Patrick says hello
Rockford, Patrick, The Registrar and a Cocklebur Ick
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The End of Infinity

The latest remarkable installment from Rockford’s Rock Opera’s award-winning adventures on the Island of Infinity. Two years have passed since Moog and his dog Rockford’s first journey to Infinity. But when Dr. Ermine Skinner, a collector of rare animals, discovers how to reach the Island, Moog and Rockford are the only ones who can stop his terrible plans.
So begins an incredible race back through the history of life on Earth, where Moog discovers that the wonders of Infinity go far deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. A thrilling magical, funny, thought-provoking ecological musical story with lots of twists… and evolutionary wrong turnings.

The King of Nowhere

Far away in the Sea of Tranquillity is the Island of Infinity, home to the last one of every extinct animal species. After helping rescue dogs and humans, the sticky Cocklebur Ick must now find a home. But her search brings her into the domain of the mysterious King of Nowhere, the most feared creature on Infinity. A magical musical audio story from Rockford’s Rock Opera.

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The Spooo Who Grew

A little evolutionary tale from Rockford’s Rock Opera. On Infinity, the Cocklebur Ick is surprised to see the whole Island has turned out to celebrate someone’s birthday. But who’s birthday is it?! And who could be SO important that every single creature wants to share in the celebrations? Find out now in this little but thought-provoking audio story.

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