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Chapter 1

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Chapter 3

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What’s the story about?

Far away in the Sea of Tranquillity is the Island of Infinity, home to the world’s lost creatures. Infinity has a secret for the world but Moog, a boy from Battersea in London, and Rockford his dog are the only ones who can deliver its message. Travelling to Infinity, Moog and Rockford are drawn into an adventure that threatens the entire human race.

Iparenting award
“A unique 2.5 hour ecological musical story. With clear narration, sound effects, wonderful songs and an enchanting original story, Rockford’s Rock Opera is like nothing else. Entertaining and inspiring for children and parents alike.”
iParenting Media Award
Award winning educational audiobook plus teaching resources
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“My daughter listens to it every day. To tell you the truth so do I. It calms the nerves after a hard day. It’s just brilliant. I put it up there with Jeff Wayne’s War of the World’s but for little people and little people at heart! A truly brilliant creation. Thank you.” Jonathan Ryan (Facebook)

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“The most powerful thing about this Rock Opera is the message contained within the songs. The idea that we can learn so much from the world and its vast array of inhabitants, many of which have been around for millions of years. It reminds us of the tragedy of extinction. It teaches us to respect our world, to listen, to look, to learn. The power to save the planet is here…we just have to find it!”
Inside the Wendyhouse Blog

“We are so enjoying this magical adventure. I am home educating two children – ages 5 and 7 – and the story has captivated them.” Hazel H

“This extraordinary ecological story will endure as a classic to be enjoyed by the world’s children and adults for generations to come.”
TV & Radio Presenter and Educational Champion, Susan Stranks.

Teacher and Parent Home Schooling

Lost on Infinity – the first award-winning story from Rockford’s Rock Opera, is an acclaimed free resource for home-schooling younger children (especially for 5 – 9 year olds). An amazing two and a half-hour-long dramatized audiobook with pictures, videos, and songs. Its ecological theme covers a broad range of aspects of the most English-speaking primary curricula, from English to Maths, Music, and Science. This story is already used in thousands of schools, and by thousands of parents for enjoyable, shared learning at home.

This is a unique musical story with millions of fans around the world that you and your children will love… and love to learn with.


Educational Audio Story

When we first launched the Lost on Infinity – the first Rockford’s Rock Opera audiobook, we had no idea how popular the ecological story and it’s home teaching resources would become with teachers and with home schoolers and home schooling parents! We knew it was an amazing story – we hadn’t realised how much teachers, parents, grandparents and carers were crying out for a quality, teaching ideas and educational entertainment.

As many of you may know, we first launched the audio book story – then known simply as Rockford’s Rock Opera – on-line in 2009. Very rapidly it got picked up by schools (especially primary schools K 2 and KS3) looking for ecological resources and endangered animal lesson plans for their pupils. As a result of this initial interest amongst the teaching profession we asked a group of leading teachers and home school curriculum educational consultants to create a series of free downloadable lesson plans and class topics for us to provide alongside the story. During this time we also spoke to a leading ICT guru who helped us with downloadable resource ideas – pictures, puzzles and games for children from pre-school and primary aged children upwards. (In UK schools our story and resources are generally used in Year 3 or Year 4 although both younger and older children will enjoy the story and materials.) Very soon our audio book became the go-to source of ecological lesson ideas – this at a time when there was far less talk about extinction, the environment and even fewer curriculum resources that covered these rather `difficult’ topics.

It’s also worth noting here how many Senco teachers and pupils on various spectra have enjoyed – even been transfixed – by our story. The mix of music, words and pictures seems to really resonate with such pupils. For more information, please email us.

Free Lesson Plans

We made these lesson ideas and education resources free – for us the importance was to reach out to as many people as possible with our story. The fact that it could be used so successfully to teach about all aspects of the primary and junior school curriculum was a welcome bonus. Soon we found that teachers and parents all over the world were using our materials, and lesson plans for kids at school in the classroom and at home. They were creating their own lesson plans and ideas too – and sending them to us to share online. Science lesson plans, English Lesson Plans, Music Lesson Plans even ideas for school plays and assemblies, there seemed no end to the topics that could be supported by the story.

All this was, as I said, by accident and, so we’ve been told, it’s because we never set out to make our award-winning audio story a teaching or educational story – with obvious lessons to be learned and tasks to be completed – that is works so well. Teachers love it, parents love it and, more particular, children love it – they ask questions! Edutainment is a horrible word but it does apply here.

Curriculum Resources

And so, to home schooling and the accredited home schooling curriculum. In recent years we been asked for more and more home friendly ideas. We’ve introduced a read along story app, launched our story on audible and, of course, launched new stories. Our educational lesson sheets KS 1 and KS 2 – all free to download here – are now growing again too. We currently have a team of teachers working on materials for us, together with some expect home schoolers. These will all be uploaded soon, ready for mums, dads and children to enjoy together.

Read-along Story

Also worth mentioning is our Rockford’s Rock Opera/Lost on Infinity read along app. Follow the link on this page and you’ll find it in the App Store – the whole story with clear, highlighted read-along text. Although this can viewed on mobile we really recommend it for larger screens and tablets.

Ecological Lesson Ideas

Over the years we’ve been delighted to receive many, many wonderful reviews for our ecological story and its value as a topic – for ecological topics but also for English (including English as a foreign language), Science, reading and many more topics besides. Some of our parent, teacher and pupil reviews are laid out above and I’ve provided a brief selection below. (if you have any comments above our audiobook resources, please do let us know. We’re always trying to improve our materials so feedback and advice is also welcome.)

Home School Curriculum

“This is a wonderful and inspirational story about animals, extinction and the effect man is having on the planet but it is a positive and hopeful story with lovely music and songs which will help children to understand why animals have become extinct and how everyone has a part to play in helping to save the planet, but it’s not heavy or cynical, it is a lovely story told in a very engaging way, and to be truthful we have enjoyed listening to it as much as the children have! I think the nice thing about this is that it has been something we can listen to and share as a family. I would really recommend Rockford’s Rock Opera to parents who like audiobooks and who also want stories that whilst entertaining have a greater educational value.” Mumsnet (10/10)

“This extraordinary educational story spreads a most important message in a mysterious and magical way. Rockford’s Rock Opera has been created and produced with love, passion and great skill and will endure as a classic to be enjoyed by the world’s children and adults for generations to come.” Susan Stranks (Legendary Children’s Broadcaster and TV presenter)

Teacher & Parent Reviews

“This is a wonderful teaching resource. So many avenues to explore. Such tremendous content. My class (Year 4) just can’t get enough of it. It’s really got them thinking too. Lots of great discussions about extinction and they are fascinated about all the inventions inspired by animals and plants. Wonderful songs too – can’t stop singing them! Fantastic!” EIMG (Teacher UK)

“Want a multi-media educational resource to meet the challenges of the Primary Framework for Literacy? Well, give Rockford’s Rock Opera a try. A chance click of the computer mouse, after a long and fruitless search of the internet looking for inspiration, led me to this superb resource. It is a cornucopia of different media: video, spoken word, music, drama, pictures and written texts. This wonderful resource gave a very wide range of opportunities for speaking and listening, drama, reading and writing. My class of year 4, middle and lower ability children, predominately boys, loved it!! Rockford took over our whole classroom and was used as the inspiration for work in almost every other subject – a truly cross-curricular theme. We celebrated our work in an assembly shown to the rest of the school, parents and friends. The children excelled themselves. Their learning and self-confidence has exceeded expectations. Please take a look and find out the creatures’ secrets. You and your pupils will not regret it.” Jane, Literacy manager, Primary School (UK)

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource to use in classrooms! At this stage I am putting together my program for the next school term and have decided to follow your theme. I think the creation of Rockford’s story is a powerful tool for educating kids. Music. Sound effects, Visuals. Narration…” Teacher, UK

“Thank you so much for Rockford’s Rock Opera! It’s the BEST thing I’ve found For a long time. As a teacher (and literacy coordinator) I’m always looking for interesting and exciting ways to stimulate my children’s imagination and encourage them to listen, read and write, especially those children who are new to English language or are poor attainers, as well as reaching those children who need something a little bit more to achieve what they’re capable of. It was a happy coincidence that I stumbled on your website whilst looking for stories to fill in the time in the gaps the Christmas chaos brings, the Christmas video was wonderful, and the rock opera idea is simply inspired. However, For me, even more wonderful was the fact that the story was set in Battersea where I’ve lived all my life, in the shadow of the Power station chimneys, Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home and Battersea Park. Growing up in a little flat in Battersea the Park was my lifeline and very magical to me (and still is) to have that magic translated into such a wonderful story simply is such a wonderful Christmas present to me and for my students. My poor children couldn’t quite understand why their teacher was bouncing up and down excitedly, but now they do, (they also now know that Battersea is famous for four things, the fourth being where I come from) to give you an idea of how amazing an impact your work is. Having shown them snippets of the story they absolutely love it so far, especially the Cocklebur Ick video. They are looking forward to hearing the rest of the story… (so be prepared for some letters coming through the post when we’re done). I will do my very best to tell everyone I know about Rockford, I shall certainly be ordering more copies of the Christmas story as a stocking filler. Thank you again and I’m sure many more people will love Rockford’s Rock Opera just as much as I do.” Teacher. Darla

Free ICT Resources

“Our walls are covered by the Squid Squad and every day as they leave, the children insist in marching round to the music while I take the salute as Colonel Utensil. The head says we are all having too much fun and this is certainly what the government meant in their tome – Excellence and Enjoyment – bedtime reading For all dedicated teachers! Two girls were in tears today when the Battersea dog disappeared. The joys of teachinglimc Jane, UK

“I introduced some of the sensory impaired pupils at the school I work in to Rockford (via the app on an iPad). They LOVE him.” bilbobaggins2k (app review)

“I have been doing Rockford’s Rock Opera with every class I have taught over the last few years. All the children still remember it welL..1 would like to personally thank you for helping me to inspire the children in many ways over the years, through Rockford’s magical journey. The children genuinely understand and care about protecting all species now, giving hope for a better future.” Mrs O’Hare, Holy Cross School

We really hope you’ll join all these wonderful fans and discover the magic and transfixing educational value of our audiobook story Lost on Infinity by Rockford’s Rock Opera!