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“Lost on Infinity is an ecological musical which demonstrates beautifully to children the effect man is having upon life on Earth, and is a wonderful mix of story, songs and effects. The story is aimed at 6-12 year olds, but my 3 and 4 year old have been entranced… The music is fantastic with inspiration taken from The Beatles, The Flaming Lips and other great bands, this is no corny children’s story, but a wonderful tale as enchanting for grown-ups as it is for children.”

Science Sparks (Educational Blog)

“I came away from Rockford with hope in my heart and a smile on my face.”

Thinly Spread (Review)

“Rockford is a haunting but quite brilliant portrayal of the diversity and fragility of life. A delight to watch, profound in its implications and with some great songs.” App Reviewer

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Our Apps are completely CHILD SAFE and TEACHER APPROVED

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‘Lost on Infinity’
by Rockford’s Rock Opera
The whole musical adventure is available over 4 Apps.
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The Spooo who Grew App

A little musical tale of life with a cast of billions! A thought-provoking ecological story, information about the origins of life, a new song and a quiz. Contains animated video story PLUS read-along.

Click to download on:      Apple      or     Android (coming soon)

Rockford’s Rock Opera – Read-along App

The first Rockford’s Rock Opera story, Lost on Infinity, as a read-along, The complete musical adventure on one App with, pictures and clear, highlighted text. Perfect for children learning to read and for all English learners.

Click to download on:      Apple (coming soon) or      Android (coming soon)

More stories coming soon.
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