The Creatures Have A Secret

By destroying animals, plants and habitats, humans aren’t just depriving the earth of interesting or beautiful things. We are, without question, losing important answers – amazing natural secrets that could, one day, save us all.

Click here to access our ‘SECRETS OF LIFE’ Directory. It has just some of the fascinating breakthroughs that have happened as a result of the study of plants and animals.

There are so many benefits we enjoy from the natural world, but do you realise just how many inventions have come about as the result of studying plants and animals?
From medicine to engineering, from sport to art, there are literally thousands of examples of how nature has shown humans how to make things better. And, crucially, as science advances, we’re discovering that we don’t have to exploit and destroy animals and plants to learn from them.

The natural world is a treasure trove of secrets, of ideas and solutions, worked out by plants and animals that have evolved over millions of years. But in order to share in this knowledge, we must protect and nurture life. All life. Because, once life is extinct there is no going back…

If there’s something you know about which isn’t listed here please let us know (

Take a look at this video – ‘Distant Generation’
(a song from Lost on Infinity/Rockford’s Rock Opera Part 4 App)
and you’ll see why creatures’ secrets are so important to humans.
To protect ourselves, we must look after all life.
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