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“This is an amazing mix of story, songs and sound effects. It has a freshness that makes you smile as you listen and could become a cult favourite as beloved as Wallace and Gromit.”
Christina Hardyment (The Times Newspaper)

“Wonderful musical entertainment for all ages.”  The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

This smartly-written, artistically-composed rock opera has children as its target but adults as its bulls-eye. The lyrics are whimsical and easy to understand, with simple rhymes and irresistible choruses — perfect for singalongs. These compositions will recall to the older crowd great rock opera and musical composers like David Bowie, Queen, and Harry Nilsson… Sweetapple have done what many aspiring children’s music composers want to do: make music that truly appeals to all ages. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for two weeks now (really) and the songs haven’t grown oldit was clear that Rockford’s Rock Opera is more than the sum of its impressive parts. It manages to upgrade the basic children’s storybook to the 21stcentury, without losing the magic.” WIRED  

“Wonderful… I’ve listened over and over again. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets War of the Worlds. Jurassic Park meets Jungle Book! Well done!!!”
Nick, Kent

“This ROCKS……. we loved this, my kid is not big on reading, but now its all about ROCKFORD. THANKS!!!!!”
Ta Mac (Google Review)

“Rockford’s Rock Opera is a well thought out and creative audio CD which taps into creativity via story telling, music and illustration.  It’s a CD that you can share with your children and is ideal for long journeys. It deals with the issues faced by endangered species in a light handed way and is a great educational tool as it provides opportunities to talk about so many things.  My son learnt about endangered and extinct species; how they became extinct or endangered; and what we can do to stop this happening in future.” Nine to Thirty Three Blog

“We all love this story! Found it on the web first but now it’s on the ipad and the the phone! Essential in the car! Brilliant Mumof3 Blog

“For years I’ve distributed Christmas presents of Peter and the Wolf to small children starting flute/clarinet/piano lessons. This year I’m breaking new ground with this thoroughly modern musical for kids about a boy called Moog and a dog called Rockford… Ingenious story, foot-tapping music and three booklets containing not just the lyrics so you can all sing along, but lots of quirky pictures of strange animals, sci-fi scenery, Battersea power station and other stuff that children think about while practising arpeggios.”
Sue Arnold (The Guardian)

“Amazing. Was spellbound from start to finish.” Google Review

“Magical rock-opera stories feature Battersea boy Moog and his dog Rockford in the land of Infinity. Sounds fey, but the exploration of ecological themes is serious and also inventive fun. Part 1 can be sampled as a free download and the website alone is a resource worth browsing.”
Rachel Redford (The Observer)

“The creativity & musicality is in a class of its own !!!! I’m a big fan over here in Australia, and I don’t even have kids. I discovered the first book on a road trip with my sister’s son. Australian road trips are LONG and we sang these gorgeous songs the whole way. I literally feel in love with the story and the music!”
Sci Westwood, Australia

“It is a wonderful and inspirational story about animals, extinction and the effect man is having on the planet but it is a positive and hopeful story with lovely music and songs which will help children to understand why animals have become extinct and how everyone has a part to play in helping to save the planet, but it’s not heavy or cynical, it is a lovely story told in a very engaging way, and to be truthful we have enjoyed listening to it as much as the children have! I think the nice thing about this is that it has been something we can listen to and share as a family. I would really recommend Rockford’s Rock Opera to parents who like audiobooks and who also want stories that whilst entertaining have a greater educational value.”
Mumsnet (10/10)

“As a metal-head who grew up with The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and other magnificent musicians, I had some really high hopes for Lost on Infinity: Rockford’s Rock Opera. I’m so happy to say that every expectation I had was surpassed. There was no cussing and the music is perfectly suited for all ages, although adults may pick up on some jokes and insights about our world that children won’t understand. There are themes of humanity’s place in destroying the planet and how much we can do to improve the world no matter how small we feel… My rating is 4 out of 4 stars, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes light rock, stories with music, children’s books, or epic stories with plenty of foreshadowing, twists, and surprises.”
Book Club Review

“What fun!!! Thanks for all your work. Grandmother of 10 and Great Grandmother of 5 soon to be 6.”
Betty Mollo

“What a gorgeous story. Captivating and Beautiful. My 6 year old was completely awe struck with this from the moment we turned it on. Beautiful imagery, catchy music and fun sound effects, she very quickly got sucked into the journey of Rockford and the magical creatures that he met. A story with a wonderful moral that even the smallest of actions can have an impact. Lovely xxx”
Real Mum Review Blog


“Simply stunning. I am in awe at the quality of this production. Highly recommended for all!”
Janet K (teacher UK)

“My boys found these stories very entertaining. As a parent I liked the educational value, as it explored the themes of biodiversity and extinction. It is quite a moving tale and you become attached to the characters as the story develops. The music and beautiful artwork captured their attention and they looked forward to each instalment in the story.” Really Missing Sleep Blog

“This extraordinary story spreads a most important message in a mysterious and magical way. Rockford’s Rock Opera has been created and produced with love, passion and great skill and will endure as a classic to be enjoyed by the world’s children and adults for generations to come.” Susan Stranks (Broadcaster and TV presenter)

“This four part story has been a favourite of my two little ones. A combination of eye catching visuals, fun sound effects and great music has proven to be a real winner for both my 5 and 10 year old who have both been captivated. The story teaches children about extinction and biodiversity but in a way that kids can understand and take on board. The 4 parts are currently free to download so if you are on the fence about downloading go for it. The kids will love it!” Tantrums To Smiles Blog

“Rockford’s Rock Opera is a wonderful musical ecological story about extinction with wonderful images/video, music and songs (as well as the story) for children of all ages. The site now contains Christmas activities including wonderful animated e-cards that can be sent. A must to visit!” Learning Curve

“Perfect home schooling audiobook & lesson plans. I Forgot about lost on infinity until I came across it on audible, if you have kids and want to stimulate their brain with something worthwhile, safe, and away from sm, introduce them to rockford, they’ll love the storyline, brilliant melodic music, and get hooked on a storyline that covers friendship, pets, animals, extinction and biodiversity. Not just a brilliant audiobook, you can download proper curriculum lesson plans used by schools and perfect for home schooling. totally recommended”
AG (Audible review)

“I can hardly believe it. We’ve just returned from the most peaceful car journey I can remember. Two hours and not a peep, so enraptured were the occupants of the car (aged 5, 10, 35 and 39!). Wonderful stuff. Thank you so much for Rockfords Rock Opera. We will certainly be recommending it to others. More please!” Mike S

“A must-listen for families in lockdown. With three children to entertain on a wet, grey afternoon, we turned to Lost on Infinity for some relaxation and escapism. Little did we realise we were about to embark upon an absolute gem. We ended up planning a complete home school project around the book because all three children were so captivated by the plot, characters and music. We already have an interest in the environment, and this production bought the topic to life and led to some fascinating discussions around the dinner (and homework) table! We enjoyed the themes of one person / animal having the power to make a difference – I’m sure we all question how much difference we can make as individuals from time to time. As a family of animal lovers (is it only me or were the cats and dogs listening attentively too?!), the messages were clear, but entertaining and with just the right mix of being serious, humorous, moving and well paced. This is a brilliant quality production with outstanding performances. As a child I loved musicals and it was a delight to indulge in a modern one and to be able to share that experience as a family.” India (Audible review)

“Thank you for such a brilliant teaching resource! Amazing. Really.” Jean (teacher Australia)

“A great musical story for kids which adults love too.

 A stunning creation.” BBC Radio 

“This is ‘original storytelling at its best”
iParenting Media Award Winner

Brilliant story best I’ve heard in ages We have been trying to listen to books or podcasts whilst cooking and eating dinner and this has kept us gripped!

It is a brilliant adventure story suitable for all ages and is honestly a brilliant story for smaller ears or the bigger and older ears amongst us.
 Lost on Infinity is the first adventure from Rockford’s Rock Opera and it is a tale about change and extinction within our planet. It is a story about hope and trying to explain and show that even the smallest creatures or humans, can make the biggest difference. 
This is a key point for me especially now a days due to trying to reach people about climate change and how we can help reduce the effects. 

Moog who is from Battersea in London, and lives with Rockford his dog are relatable and likeable within the style of the story. They are a character who you not only love but would love to be like. Their adventures sound like all children’s dream days out. 
The combination of narration, sound effects, acting and music allows it to remain engaging no matter how times it is played and heard. 
The combination of how it’s been created has meant it is great for longer car journeys as I have found with many stories it can drag but this one keeps you engaged throughout.” Megan Dittrich (Audible review)

“Absolutely stunning digital story/audio book – I am in awe.” Tracy R

“Both my children have been enjoying this. It’s rare for them to agree on anything they both watch and enjoy together seeing as they are 7 and 10 (a boy and a girl). The combination of story, songs and loveable characters have then gripped and wanting to know what happens next in the story.”
Clare Nicholas

“My 8 year old has been enjoying this app for the last few weeks. She loves audio books and this is a really calming story with music for her to listen to and enjoy.” The Gingerbread House Blog

“I wasn’t sure what my children would think (aged 8 and 6) but it really kept their attention and I liked that the chapters were only ten minutes or so, so you can dip in and out. They’ve been keen to watch and rock on along with the music.” All About You Blog

“Love it! Great story-fun and interesting and the animation is brilliant! a great app to have-please bring out more!”
lwallace (app review)

“Fantastic! I’ve got a suspicion that I love the songs even more than my kids. Great for all the family…..would be good if it could be played via the component out into the tv in future updates.” Chrissiebeet (app review)

“… Just wanted to add my praise for this remarkable creation. Fabulous!”
Allanah K

“My 7 Year Old Loved It. I listened to this a chapter at a time with my 7 year old daughter and we both loved it. The songs are brilliant and the quality of the production is brilliant… The audio book has a clear message about the importance of protecting animals from extinction. I’d highly recommend it for car journeys.” MotherGeek (Audible review)
“Amazing story – immersive experience. This has been a firm favourite with our daughters for quite some time – we previously owned on it CD but the disc now skips and it is great to now be able to enjoy this wonderful story within the audible app. It is funny and yet has a serious environmental message. The combination of narration, acting, sound effects and music make it incredibly engaging and means it stands up well to repeated listening. It is great listening for long journeys for children and adults alike. The story moves on in Part 2 – The King of Nowhere, and the second instalment might be even better than the first”
HC (Audible review)

“Stunning – I am speechless as to the quality of the production. Would love school to buy a version.” Pete T

“For Family Entertainment – Fantastic Great story with some brilliant performances and songs. Not at all what you might expect from a children’s story (genuinely moving and funny too) so good for the car. Must have listened to this 100 times and never tired of it. If yr looking for something to get the family through the holidays (and traffic jams) you should give this a go.”
Jenni (audible review)

“Totally love it … exciting, entertaining, stimulating, multimodal, literate …. ” Doug Dickinson (ICT consultant)

“Wonderful Story Downloaded this for my son for bedtime. Didn’t know what to expect at first but it’s really special – a really original dramatic story and some excellent songs too. Our son is 7 but I have to admit I think I enjoy this as much as he does. Well worth discovering.” Audible Review

“At last! there’s an alternative to the Disney/Pixar brand of cartoons that often feature mesmerising graphics with poor aimless storylines. This is up with the best when it comes to graphics but is miles ahead on original captivating content. Wildlife conservation, energy conservation, greenhouse effect, & extinction all too often paint too gloomy a picture to appeal to the majority, often presented with a ‘the end is nigh’ type of message by extremists who are frequently dismissed by budget conscious governments who live for the here & now with no outlook for future generations. Rockford is the friendliest most inoffensive face that regard for mankind on this planet can have, Rockford is fun and appeals to humans of all ages from all walks of life. Disney? Pixar? They can keep their mickeys & buzzes, I’ve just discovered Rockford.”
Alex P, Brighton

“Just wanted to say thanks for Rockford’s Rock Opera… I loved it so much I used the first part in my assembly the following day. I told the children the story of the Cocklebur Ick and then asked them to create a world in which the Cocklebur Ick lived. The Year 3 and 4 children especially loved it and still keep coming up to me to ask if the Cocklebur Icks are real. Thanks a million for this. It is just the sort of thing to excite and inspire children and I cannot wait to get into it. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.” Matt

“Rockford’s Rock Opera shows the true creative possibility of apps. It started life as an enhanced audio book but has since spawned a pair of iPhone apps and notched up more than 30,000 downloads on Apple’s App Store…” Stuart Dredge (Guardian)

“It’s absolutely amazing! Great songs and fantastic animation. I have done nothing but rave over it since I watched it. The Cocklebur Ick story brought tears to my eyes! This is just the kind of thing that would have a HUGE cult following in Japan. Have you thought of marketing it over here?” Jo, Japan

“What a fantastic time I’ve had listening to Rockford’s Rock Opera!! Please please – I must have more of this, it’s wonderful and I will certainly spread the word!!” Mandy

“Great Story My son loves this story, and the music is catchy!”
Darren Rose

“I loved it! as you know I work with 3/4 year olds and I just know they will love it so I shall play it to them on our large white board next term and who knows, it may filter through to their parents. Happy days!” Dinah, teacher

“My girls were captivated right from the beginning. The mixture of songs, sound effects and story telling had them spellbound. I really liked that at times the words to the songs came on the screen, the girls had fun attempting to sing along. I was also able to ask them questions as they watched, making sure they were understanding what they were viewing, it is certainly thought provoking as I think the threat of extinction isn’t something that the younger generation tend to know much about. I can see why it has managed to reach such a wide audience. It was refreshing to see something a little different to the norm, there were moments of sadness, of laughter, of craziness, a good mix of emotions to keep you on your toes.” Mama , Mummy, Mum Blog

“This is going to be huge. Never heard anything like it before. Wonderful songs, amazing story and real heart. Transfixes children, adults too!!! Do take a look.” Teacher Blog

“I have to say I fell in love with this story. It really tugs on the heartstrings and inspires empathy in such an original way. It gets the message across very clearly, and is hard hitting, yet also simultaneously approaches it in a sensitive and tactful way; it is a delicate balance that has been achieved remarkably well. The songs range from slow, emotional songs such as ‘This Tail is True’ to really rocky tunes like ‘I Am The Registrar’. My absolute favourite though, is the incredibly catchy ‘Tale of The Cocklebur Ick’. This one has literally not left my head! I think not least of all because it carries such a strong message and is so thought- provoking. That tale in itself can lead to many hours of valuable discussion; indeed there are entire lesson plans on the website to cover just that part of the story.” Living Life Our Way Blog


“Just wanted to say well done and you have an amazing imagination.” GH

“I am absolutely loving this Rock Opera. It is superbly recorded, the songs and story are exhilarating. Both me and the children I teach are getting so much entertainment out of it. I am really happy part 3 is done so I can share with them. I look forward to part 4. Worth every penny.” Google review

“Since our return from holiday the kids have listened to the CDs before bed and ask for them playing regularly! This is great as it’s very relaxing for them, oh and me too!” Sew Justine Sew Blog

“This is a perfect gift for a family, where children are of varying ages – the younger children will enjoy the music, older children will enjoy the story and adults the whole package. I am sure that this CD set will become as popular as the traditional tales of Peter and the Wolf. It is suitable for both children and adults …2.5 hours of story and song, perfect for a long car journey.” Sarah’s Book Reviews

“The most powerful thing about this Rock Opera is the message contained within the songs.  The idea that we can learn so much from the world and its vast array of inhabitants, many of which have been around for millions of years. It reminds us of the tragedy of extinction.  It teaches us to respect our world, to listen, to look, to learn.  The power to save the planet is here…we just have to find it!  In these times when children are so clued up on the environment, this comes as a real breath of fresh air and food for thought about the future of our planet (albeit in a fictional, fantastical way!)” Inside the Wendyhouse Blog

“Love it!!! Wonderful songs, fantastic animation :-)” Isabel

“Rockfords Rock Opera is Great. My kids are loving it! Just one problem. No-one else can get any work done on the computer while they watch the videos on it…” Debbie Sammut

“Home schooling essential, brilliant musical story that is backed up with teacher grade lesson plans and resources, in fact perfect way to keep children info-tained for a few hours while keeping their brains stimulated and developing in a good way. Lost on Infinity tackles topics such as friendship, pets, extinction and biodiversity, my daughter loves it. Glad its now on Audible, had to buy it again (I also own the apps), 100% recommended!” AG review“I’ve watched the Rockfords Rock Opera and I think its brilliant. I love animals too and really appreciate what you guys are doing there. Keep it up!”  Sue

“This is one of the most fun and rewarding websites I’ve seen in a long time. It’s both work safe and child safe and tells quite a magical story.” Community website (Note from the Editor)

“My 9 year old son loves Lost on Infinity. He loves the songs. This is a fantasy story with magic and talking animals. The land of infinity is where all extinct creatures go, they arrive in leaf boats! My son likes the registrar as he is funny, he likes everything to be in order much like my son! Apparently The Registrar also sings the coolest song. This audio musical story inspired William to learn more about extinct animals. We would recommend this book to children aged 6 and above. Would be fun for all the family on a long car journey” Edspire

“I’ve literally just finished listening to Rockford’s Rock Opera part 2 and I really like it. I love the characters you’ve invented. My personal favourite is the Registrar. My favourite song in the story so far is the one about the Great Auk. The woman you got to sing it has a lovely voice… and I hope that you will soon make the whole story into an animation, as the Cocklebur Ick video was amazing from the first part of the story.” Oliver

“I took the children to the seaside on Sunday and spent the entire journey listening to Rockfords Rock Opera. It’s the first time we had the chance to listen to the whole CD from start to finish and enjoyed it very much. In fact I think it was the quietest journey we’ve had in ages, not a peep out of either of them, totally enthralled! Looking forward to the next installment. Im sure there’s a nod to “trick of the tail” in there somewhere…” Tim and family

“I have trouble reading so normally I just look at the pictures. But with this I can just listen to it on my CD player in my bedroom. I really like looking at the website and my favourite character is Patrick cos he looks funny!” Emily

“My daughter was introduced to it is school (year 3) and spent the whole of the last fortnight singing the Registrar’s song. (that one really gets into your head)  So we looked you up and ordered the cd. My three year old son now loves it too. My youngest is only six weeks, so she’ll have no choice but to love it…Should keep the children entertained during any long car trips too. Knocks the spots off Disney for actual content Heather, Ben, J, A and G 

“Great story and visually stimulating !! A+++++” NQK USA


“My teacher had been letting me listen to your rockopera and I am really enjoying it. Diane (my teacher) would love to get a copy of the text so that she could braille it for me. Then I will be able to read it for myself at home.” Renee

“I loved the main characters, but I especially loved the creatures and people that Moog and Rockford met on the way. They had great names, and they kept me interested all the time. The voices connected so well with the character, and the music was cool and suited what was happening in the story. It was full of surprises, twists and turns. You didn’t know what was going to happen next and it’s funny too! I couldn’t wait until the next time I watched it again (I had to fight my mum for the ipad). I will play it again and again. I give it 10/10!” Niamh (age 9)


“I am sure many schools would enjoy it and use it as a stimulus for further work. It is powerful and very special. Congratulations” Mandy

“We LOVE Rockford’s Rock Opera. Started listening at school and now it’s come home… Fantastic stuff!” Janice

“Keep up the GREAT work! Creative, clean, thoughtful and motivating.”
Chris F

“As a single disc it’s brilliant. As a triolgy it’s a work of genius. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!” Nick T

“Just to let you know we are LOVING Rockford’s Rock Opera. Thank you so much. It has a magical effect on children.” Jack, Australia

“I would recommend this highly for children – my 6 and 9 year olds are mesmerised by it. It’s thoughtful and great fun. A rare gem.” FB, New Zealand

“Don’t be fooled by a gentle beginning. This is a real roller coaster ride. I love the sounds too.” Marion, Switzerland

“I love the animated videos and am delighted with my 3 CD box and Christmas song. My little treat to myself.” Jimena

“This is a wonderful resource. So many avenues to explore. Such tremendous content. My class (Year 4) just can’t get enough of it. It’s really got them thinking too. Lots of great discussions about extinction and they are fascinated about all the inventions inspired by animals and plants. Wonderful songs too – can’t stop singing them! Fantastic!”
MG (teacher UK)

“Congratulations on the quality of your work. Young children have so much dumbing down, or just plain ignorant, media to influence them today. Your production shines out like a gem.” Eric, Wales

“WOW Amazing… loved it! … The music is just great. I recommend this to anyone!” Charlotte Creasser (Google Review)

“Want a multi-media resource to meet the challenges of the Primary Framework for Literacy? Well, give Rockford’s Rock Opera a try. A chance click of the computer mouse, after a long and fruitless search of the internet looking for inspiration, led me to this superb resource. It is a cornucopia of different media: video, spoken word, music, drama, pictures and written texts. This wonderful resource gave a very wide range of opportunities for speaking and listening, drama, reading and writing. My class of year 4, middle and lower ability children, predominately boys, loved it!! Rockford took over our whole classroom and was used as the inspiration for work in almost every other subject – a truly cross-curricular theme. We celebrated our work in an assembly shown to the rest of the school, parents and friends. The children excelled themselves. Their learning and self confidence has exceeded expectations. Please take a look and find out the creatures’ secrets. You and your pupils will not regret it.”
Jane, Literacy manager, Primary School (UK)

“Rockford Rocks!!!.” Jude S, USA

“Great story, Great music, great pictures. Great!” Pete, USA

“Wonderful story. Thank you. I’d recommend it to everyone –
young and old.” Steve

“…It’s a wonderful enchanting text that touches everyone. I can see this at the center of many class topic webs …such journeys it will lead to, investigating, creating, modeling etc…and I bet it soon will be a stage production for schools” Lucy

“It’s a must-have-app. Nice, Great, You must have it if you like good music and fantasy stories…I LOVE IT !!!!!!!” Goxxilla

“Excellent I loved everything about it! It’s a wonderful story with a great message, the music was just brilliant! An amazing performance with the music, the story, audio, video, and animation that not only your kids could enjoy, but you as well, something I will never forget, and in my opinion worth every penny and 10 stars Bravo!” Kevin Remington

“Love it My kids (and wife!) Love Rockford. We always have the CD on in the car, and it’s great to have it on the phone with video too. If you’re looking for a story for your family, definitely try this. The story and music really feel like a work of love, and it comes across in this app.”
Google Review

“Fantastic! Excellent for keeping young minds occupied and thinking about more meaningful things than muddy puddles or crabby patties, great tale, sunning graphics and songs I don’t mind my kids singing! Thank you Sweetapple!”
Google Review

“Compelling story!! What a fantastic story and way to teach children about extinction, very different and intriguing. I will recommend this to friends and family.” Google Review

“Absolutely brilliant! My 3 year old children and I absolutely love this. The music is incredibly catchy. I’ve even bought the cd because we love the music so much” Google Review

“Delightful and informative. Music is fun and entertaining. Great story for kids and adults.” Bkeck
(Google Review)

“Fantastic story for Kids, great bundle. Just buy it! my 7 year old has been using this for 2 years and shows no sign of stopping” The MacGrinch

“Keep up the GREAT work! Creative, clean, thoughtful and motivating.” Chris Ferrer 

“My P5 class is thoroughly enjoying the website and are desperate to listen to the rest of the story.” Janet

“Some time ago I drew attention to ‘Rockford Rock Opera’ an exciting and innovative idea that you can sample free of charge from the web link above. I am really interested in what teachers and educationalists make of the story and the way it is presented and the potential for educational development along this theme. There is so much here, from a superb storyline developed in an exciting way, to environmental and ecological undertones that come through quite dramatically.”
Doug Muses website blog

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource to use in classrooms! 🙂 At this stage I am putting together my program for the next school term and have decided to follow your theme. I think the creation of Rockford’s story is a powerful tool for educating kids. Music. Sound effects, Visuals. Narration…”
Teacher, UK

“I have started listening to Rockford and enjoyable/impressive it is too. Kind of falls into the genre of Hitchhikers Guide (which lacked music) & War of the Worlds. Very interesting thus far and wonderful production values. I think that it is the sort of thing that, if it caught on, has the potential to be enormous.” Jacob

“Fabulous! A heart-warming musical with an important message. Great for kids & kids at heart…” Laura Cyples (Google Review)

Brilliant Story Loved every Minute! Sue S

“Wonderful story, great pictures, wonderful that there are lyrics to the songs they play! my kids love it!!!” EmDee452 (app review)

“Hi people from Sweetapple, I’m so glad that I found you! I’m an EFL teacher in the city of Salta, in Argentina, at Your English School – the private English institute I’ve managed for several years. I think I’ll be able to make good use of the material in Rockford’s Rock Opera. I’ll spend profitable hours studying the vast material in it (I’m especially fascinated with the lesson plans). Thanks a lot and congratulations for your talent.” Carmen
(Your English School, Argentina)

“We love rockford. The registrar is our favourite. (Perfect at bedtime. Thank you! – Mum)” Tom and Philip

“We are so enjoying Rockford’s story. I am home educating 2 boys of 5 and 7 and the story has captivated them.” Hazel

“Thank you for such a brilliant teaching resource! Amazing. Really.” Jean (Teacher) Australia

“Simply Superb. All the family love this series. Such a gripping story and wonderful songs for us all to sing at bedtime. Eagerly awaiting part 4 but sad it will be the last one. Until then …. Oh deary me, I think we came a little too far, dah de dah” Wookeywarn

“Brilliant! excellent storytelling, keeps my 5, 7, and 12 year olds enthralled. great original storyline, graphics are wow! great music really catchy, brilliant app and its free, recommended download!” Google Review

“I absolutely love it! l feel like asking my teacher to put it on the white board to show the children in my class. To show that people are bad to animals and show how silly they are and know what not to do.” Alexia, age 7

“Great!!!!! My daughters love Rockford, and the fascinating story makes it enjoyable for parents too. I really can’t believe it’s free (and it’s soooo good to see a kids app with no advertising or buy buttons). Thank you!!! This story should be made into a film!” Kay (Apple Review)

“Fantastic. At long last – the whole family has been waiting for months to hear how our friends can save the planet. Some great songs, and the conclusion to a brilliant story. Can’t wait for more…” Matt Brown

“Love it!!! Can’t wait for morning, my 6 year old will be sooo excited to see this has arrived!!! Gutted that it’s the final part though – thanks for a wonderful series!! Looking forward to whatever comes next!” Lisa2595

“Wonderful Message!!! I downloaded this for my son and wanted to listen to the first chapter to see if he would like it – I was hooked. I didn’t want to go back from my lunch break. My son loved it too. It is such a great story, I asked my local library to get it. Every child should hear this message!” Yvette Costa (app review)

“Rockford rocks. Absolutely brill. Not just for the kids I loved it. Gonna get in on enhanced cd for them now…” Amilee532 (app review)

“Excellently produced, wonderful story. A personal note to say thank you to the team that put this together. You work has been truly appreciated by our two children aged 6 and 9. The story is pitched perfectly for your target audience. Releasing the this first part for free enables parents like ourselves to try and see how wonderful your product is. The remaining three parts are priced so reasonably, it’s impossible to refuse. Clearly your confidence in your marketing is justified. We look forward to more stories like this one, like so many others, we will be waiting in anticipation. Well done, products like yours do make the iPad a magical experience.” Leep1234

“Great ending. At last we find out whether the registrar gets his evil way. Well worth the wait. Everyone should get these apps – they’re not just for kids! More please…” Wilch DeWat

“This is a wonderful resource. So many avenues to explore. Such tremendous content. My class (Year 4) just can’t get enough of it. It’s really got them thinking too. Lots of great discussions about extinction and they are fascinated about all the inventions inspired by animals and plants. Wonderful songs too – can’t stop singing them! Fantastic!”
MG (Teacher) UK

“My daughter of the age where fantasy is very real to her, and she likes the internal logic of fantasy worlds to make sense. She has been so completely inspired by Rockford, and I enjoy being carried along with her imagination. She does an excellent impression of the Registrar – by far her favourite character. She sings along and forces her little brother to sing the “oh deary me” bits. She also introduced Rockford to her autistic American cousin who really enjoyed the music. You’ve created something really special here, you should be proud of it. I’ll probably return to teaching when my youngest goes to school and I shall introduce any future classes to Rockford. It’d make a wonderful school production. Thank you again” Susan, UK

“Thank you so much for Rockford’s Rock Opera! It’s the BEST thing I’ve found for a long time. As a teacher (and literacy co ordinator) I’m always looking for interesting and exciting ways to stimulate my children’s imagination and encourage them to listen, read and write, especially those children who are new to English language or are poor attainers, as well as reaching those children who need something a little bit more to achieve what they’re capable of. It was a happy coincidence that I stumbled on your website whilst looking for stories to fill in the time in the gaps the Christmas chaos brings, the Christmas video was wonderful, and the rockopera idea is simply inspired. However, for me, even more wonderful was the fact that the story was set in Battersea where I’ve lived all my life, in the shadow of the Power station chimneys, Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home and Battersea Park. Growing up in a little flat in Battersea the Park was my lifeline and very magical to me (and still is) to have that magic translated into such a wonderful story simply is such a wonderful Christmas present to me and for my students. My poor children couldn’t quite understand why their teacher was bouncing up and down excitedly, but now they do, (they also now know that Battersea is famous for four things, the fourth being where I come from) to give you an idea of how amazing an impact your work is. Having shown them snippets of the story they absolutely love it so far, especially the Cocklebur Ick video. They are looking forward to hearing the rest of the story… (so be prepared for some letters coming through the post when we’re done). I will do my very best to tell everyone I know about Rockford,  I shall certainly be ordering more copies of the Christmas story as a stocking filler. Thank you again and I’m sure many more people will love Rockford’s Rock Opera just as much as I do.” Daria H

“I liked it and so did my brother.” Stefano Giannoni (app review)

“Our walls are covered by the Squid Squad and every day as they leave, the children insist in marching round to the music while I take the salute as Colonel Utensil. The head says we are all having too much fun and this is certainly what the government meant in their tome – Excellence and Enjoyment – bedtime reading for all dedicated teachers! Two girls were in tears today when the Battersea dog disappeared.  The joys of teaching!!!!!!” Jane, Teacher UK

“I am a Year 3 teacher at Deepdene Primary School in Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.  My students have just listened to Part 1 of Rockford’s Rock Opera – they love it!  They are totally engaged in the story and really enjoy the music.  They can’t wait for Parts 2 and 3.  Hopefully, we’ll be ordering the triple pack within the next week or so.  We can’t wait! I would just like to congratulate you on such a wonderful piece of work.  Well done! Many thanks” Eduard Schaepman

Excellent I can’t even express how amazing this little gem is, and my 4yr old lives it too!!!!! Ynara Belle

“We just wanted to to write to you to say how much the whole family are enjoying Rockford’s Rock Opera and spent much of Christmas listening to the CD of part 1, and have now bought the beautifully produced three part edition. We think it is a magnificent achievement and would like to pay tribute to all the hard work that you have put into it. It was certainly worth it and we sincerely hope that you get all the success you deserve. When I was a boy we all used to sit (or lie) down on a Sunday afternoon and listen to things like The Little Prince or The Hobbit on record. The grown ups would doze off their sunday roast (and beer), while my brother and I would drift off into the magical worlds floating out of the speakers into the room. I am delighted that you have created something that gives my own children the same pleasure and fires their imaginations in the same way. You have really hit on a great formula – the combination of an excellent story and script (with all its classic ‘Puntisms’), fine narration and acting, cool animation and graphics and, of course the BRILLIANT songs – which keep growing on us the more we hear them – and sing them! Thanks so much again for a wonderful creation.” N & J, L, R & F, London

“Love it as with all the Rockford adventures and songs. We did a brilliant Rockfords parent’s assembly at school this term. The kids were brilliant and their portrayal of the Registrar was hilarious.”
Amanda Gray (Facebook)

“The kids at school have loved this story and so have I 🙂
Michele Coleman (Facebook)

“Well done guys. Rockford’s Rock Opera is first class. I watch it with my two year old son each night (and secretly on my own too :-D). Kirsty O’Neill (Facebook)

“I came away from Rockford with hope in my heart and a smile on my face.” Thinly Spread (Mum Blog)

“We have been long time fans of the Rock Opera and it has been played over and over – the kids (ages 9 and 10) now “perform” it in the back of the car so we nearly all know the words now!! Are you planning any further stories?  It could save my sanity ;-)”
Fi Law

“We love this story. Well done!!!! First discovered on a long journey to Wales, and now listened to every night before bed! We love the Registrar! Once started… there’s NO GOING BACK!!!”
Rainbow Lashes (app review)

“My grandson absolutely LOVES this story.  Your graphics are beautiful and I love spending time reading along with him. Thank you for being ever so creative.” Sigrid Gunn

“We are obsessed with Cocklebur Icks! Your opera has captured the whole family’s imagination. Thank-you” Rebecca Eckersley

“Got this on the iPhone but works great on the iPad too. Fantastic story with videos and great songs. My kids – 5 and 9 – absolutely love this. Great app.” Peter M (App review)

“It’s like…Pink Floyd for kids.. Weird but in a good way.. Definitely a unique story… I want a Cocklebur Ick” Bouncy girl in the world (app review)

“Really pleased they’ve made Rockford’s Rock Opera into an App. We’re all huge fans of the story and it works really well in the App format. Certainly keeps the kids quiet!!“ Smithsonsville

“Managed to get my school to buy the 3 collectors CD’s for my class. The kids love it and I know some of my children have persuaded their parents to buy the stories so they can listen at home too.  It really helps the children who are more visual than auditory.” Stephanie S, UK

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE Rockford’s Rock Opera and I am a big fan!” Maya Ravikumar (Facebook)

“My 3-year old daughter keeps asking about the next one. She pretends to be a Cocklebur Ick, stuck to me, and asks “where is the new Rockford story?” Matthew Dixon (Facebook)

“Impressed Really. Quite impressed actually.” Elenasebi (app review)

“My daughter of 3, Mia loves Rockford.  We have downloaded your free version on my iphone (and now I cant get my phone back) and she has had lots of hours watching it…I am sure she will love the DVD (hopefully for Christmas). She is addicted to the Christmas song and we now sing it in the car and to other people. I have been telling other people about it.  Thank you for creating such a lovely story.” Lesa McConnon

“The DVD has arrived, Can’t wait to watch this with the whole Family! First impression, I was pleasantly surprised that with the DVD came a book of lyrics with professional pics and illustrations from the iAPP! Hopefully Sweetapple will make more stories, music, and animation in time. Also I’m sure this group will continue to spread the message on extinction opening everyone’s eyes to human intervention!!” John Daly (Facebook)

“I introduced some of the sensory impaired pupils at the school I work in to Rockford (via the app on an iPad). They LOVE him.” bilbobaggins2k (app review)

“I have been doing Rockford’s Rock Opera with every class I have taught over the last few years. All the children still remember it well…I would like to personally thank you for helping me to inspire the children in many ways over the years, through Rockford’s magical journey. The children genuinely understand and care about protecting all species now, giving hope for a better future.” Mrs O’Hare, Holy Cross School

“Just to say thanks – my Year 3 children are simply loving this resource and I can do so much with it. As a busy teacher, who needs inspiring resources but doesn’t always have time to make them, this is fab! Please make more and stay in your attic forever – love it!!“ Susan Ward – excited teacher! (Facebook)

“Thank you Thank you Thank You, My little girls DVD has arrived, we have heard nothing else for the last few weeks since they were doing this as a subject at school…she will be soooo happy when I pick her up this afternoon…snuggles on the couch this evening watching this dvd before bedtime is in order I think lol..x”
Odd Socker Mandie (Facebook)

“I spoke to a parent of a student I taught 2 years ago and she said her daughter still sings Rockford songs 🙂 “ Heather Williams (Facebook)

“I purchased the album and my daughter listens to it every day. To tell you the truth so do I. It calms the nerves after a hard day. It’s just brilliant. I put it up there with Jeff Wayne’s war of the world’s but for little people and little people at heart! A truely brilliant creation. Thank you.” Jonathan Ryan (Facebook)

“I just love this! The whole thing! Brilliant stuff. I bought all parts and used it in my classroom a couple of years ago. The kids loved it too.” Helen Marshall (Facebook message)

“Thank you very much you guys, my kids and I absolutely love your story and we spent some very nice moments together watching Rockford. Thanks a million! Luis, Kenneth and Ashley.” Luis Castillo (Facebook)

“My 8 month old daughter love this. We start singing the Rockford’s rock opera song and she gets the biggest smile on her face! Almost always calms her down in the car when we play it too!” Shauna O’Reilly (Facebook)

“Just wanted to tell you how much we Love Rockford’s Rock Opera. We watch it at least two or three times a week. My daughter is disabled and this is absolutely her favorite app! Thanks for sharing Rockford and Ick!“ Laurie Sharp (Facebook)

“The music in this is absolutely brilliant. My 3 year old twin children absolutely love it. My dad loves it too. Thank you!” Dionne Bruce (Facebook)

“We are up to episode 10, absolutely brilliant, creative and entertaining. Fatastic for kids and adults alike.” Raffi Sarkissian (Facebook)

“The Trippiest, coolest, most remarkably peace-endowing thing ever!” KS (app review)

“This is the BEST interactive story for kids, truly very clever and just the coolest thing my son and I have found for his iPad!…My son and I love love love this, have told everyone about it! It is truly so gorgeous and clever!!:-)” Jenna Kenney (Facebook)

“A tremendous journey for the kids to take … A big thumbs up from Harvey and Daisy…” Liz O’ Hallron (Facebook)

“Just brilliant! For free, there is no reason I can think that kids and adults alike would not enjoy this. Top class.” Rachxxxxx (app review)

“My 6 year old daughter & I have fallen in love with Rockford!! Great music & story!” Mrs SJG Murphy (app review)

“It´s a must-have-app. Nice, Great, You must have it if you like good music and fantasy stories… I LOVE IT !!!!!!! “ Wookeywarn (app review)

“This is well worth watching for everyone of any age. My son loves it and I thought the whole thing (all 4 parts -16 chapters) was excellent. It’s like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds for a child (and adult) audience with a real message of the damage we’ve done and how changes can make a real difference to the future. Who know’s if every child of this generation watched this a few times it may have a big impact on the way we all live. Well worth watching. Well done to all who were involved in creating this.”
Awooinggo (app review)

“Totally love it!! My kids (7 and 9) are huge fans of this and I think it’s great too. Perfect for bedtime stories (and other times) and the songs are great to sing along to. I cannot recommend this enough. And it’s free!”
Hippyplus (app review)

“ABSOLUTELY SUPERB, RECOMMENDED!!!! My 4 year loved Rockford on my iPhone, now loves him even more on my iPad where the larger crystal clear graphics and superb animation bring this classic children’s story even closer to life. Brilliant theme, keeps my daughter’s attention longer than peppa pig which use to be her favourite. Multi level storyline, great music, totally recommended!”
Scottishman (app review)

“Amazing graphics! I downloaded this for my autistic son because just reading from a book gets boring sometimes. After the first part I couldn’t wait to see the second part! My son loves it! We both do! I would love to see more of these stories. Thanks for your hard labor! This deserves a 10!”
nickname?? (app review)

“My son let me delete some apps but never this one he always wants to see it again.”
Scrabbleisbetter53 (app review)

“Both my son and myself think this is the best app on his iPad. The story is so wonderful and the graphics are amazing. We especially love the Cockleber Ick and the blue star on Rickfords bottom.”
Tanjaoosthuizen (app review)

“Very good. Really good god I’m speechless” Kezfaz (app review)

“Just amazing. The story is wonderful. Our 2 year old loves it. Well worth getting the other parts. Recommended.”
Sarahjahmad (app review)

“love this app! keeps the grandkids happy!”
Rich_hudds (app review)

“Genius. I stumbled across this story looking for audio books for my kids! I am now hooked & so are my kids. I look forward to bedtime just so I can hear this wonderful story! Haven’t got to the end but it is well worth listening too! One for everyone in the family! Well done guys ;)”
Officegrl0111 (app review)

“Fantastic. Our 7 year old daughter loves this app. Please release the other chapters for the iPhone.”
Madswing (app review)

“It is just perfect!!!!!!”
Xe1000 (app review)

“Congratulations on such a wonderful app, I have all the parts, my toddler and i are addicted. 🙂 What a great message, so well written and awesome songs! I think there are big things to come for these writers!”
Moderndayfolkhero (app review)

“Love love love! Beautiful, creative, fun, and just great! I bought installments for road trips and all if us watched it. So fun! So cute!”
RebeccaPerth (app review)

“Brilliant story traditionally done with great songs music and voice over that is very calming. All ages love. As we sit watching on a windy evening in Tenerife. Thank you. Will purchase rest now hope it same quality.”
Ellie jane mchugh (app review)

“Absolutely beautiful. Music and graphics are awesome. We keep coming back to listen to it every week or so, and we have the app for at least 1 year. We bought the other parts without thinking twice.”
Jonti68 (app review)

“Last Christmas… me, my sister & her 5 year old were road doing our annual road trip up East coast of Australia … Rockford’s Rock Opera was our soundtrack…we adore it … My sister is a theatre designer and I’m a musician/ drama teacher….by the end we had designed a full blown musical show to tour the Australian schools… (in our heads anyway) we love your music & story & wish we could disseminate it to way beyond Pink Floyds fan base 😉 ”
Sci Westwood (Facebook)

“William loves Rockford and tells everyone about extinction at nursery and how we need to look after the animals and plants XxX”
Sara Swift-Stafford (Facebook)

“Thank you for a wonderful story :-)“
Clare Etherington

“Absolutely adore the whimsical story of Rockford, Battersea and Infinity….You have created something so beautiful and sad. I hope it makes people think more deeply about extinction and hope it makes kids tell the grown-ups what they think:)”
Karren Paterson (Facebook)

“From 3 to 67 – the whole family loves this and the message it brings. Everyone should watch this.”
SSara (app review)

“Magical musical story ***** Fantastic thoughtful story, great music and fantastic visuals. Our four year old and eight year old both love this and must admit we’re hooked too. Recommended highly. Great stuff!”
LoveMyiPads (app review)

“Terrific! ***** A fantastic story with great songs and animation. Has kept the kids (and parents) quiet for hours. Brilliant app on the iphone and even better on our new IPad!!!!”
Awooinggo (app review)

“Excellent!!! Highly recommended for kids! ***** A true classic in the making, cannot recommend this free app highly enough, its rare to see my 4yr old daughter, 7yr & 12yr old sons all sitting together captivated by the superb storytelling, graphics and excellent Pixar like animations. Also recommend parts 2-4, your kids will love it!”
Alexg54 (app review)

“My 2 year old loves this and so do I! Great story, music, and animation!”
HannavasHgiel (app review)

“Excellent!!!! ***** I love this app and my 6yr old does too! She’s watched it dozens of times and sings along. A+++++++++”
NQK (app review)

“Rockford has been a huge success with everyone that has got to know him,  even our local primary school now has a copy! Thank you once again”
Stephanie Shirfield (Facebook)

“My 7 year old was listening to Rockford’s so loud this evening that we were dancing in the sitting room”
Christine M

“As a pre-service teacher I stumbled across Rockford’s Rock Opera quite by accident as I was surfing the Internet for classroom ideas that incorporated music / science / literacy…wow….did I just discover a little gold mine that also incorporates history, geography, drama and art. The apps are mesmerisingly beautiful and the story is magically inspiring. I can’t wait to use this entire series in the classroom.”
Facebook message

“My granddaughter was off school with the flu last week and we spent a lovely lazy morning watching Rockford, loved it.  Had to pull myself away for a tea break, just what the doctor ordered on a cold morning.”

“Anyone that has young children will find out their children will love this. Everytime I get I my trucks boys ask to play rockfords rock opera. Has excellent kid music that even adults will enjoy.”
Richard Gordon (app review)

“I want to say a huge thank you and congratulations! You have created a beautiful, educational, and entertaining story that my children LOVE (as I do as well)!! My children were playing the DVD today and I came across the video on disk three, “Distant Generation”, I was really moved by your message, especially by how much of our medicinal progress is connected to our natural world…You are providing a vital message to children facing a world filled with challenges and I think it’s exceptional that you have done it in such a positive manner!”
Elisabeth M

“Awesome Music and Production. I am a teacher and children and adults love this. It is done so well with really good musicians, and the story line is awesome. I love it and cannot wait for the next production they do.”
Felis_da_feline (app review)

“We all love this story. Got all four apps and in constant use!!! 🙂 Even better on iPad. Keeps us all quiet and singing along!!!”
Deano M28 (app review)

“Still brilliant! Great to see the series updated for iOS7. Works perfectly on my iPhone 5 and iPad. Rockford’s Rock Opera has kept children amused for hours and hours with the series (and will be doing again over Christmas!), and I never tire of it despite my great age. A great gift for any child 5 to 85 🙂 ”
Wilch DeWat

“Fantastic story and brilliant music. A real find!”
Mad hippy chick (app review)

“I love this App! & not surprisingly, so do my kids. It’s a great, cleverly written story, well told & brilliantly realised. In particular I love the characterisation & the songs – any one of which would happily sit between Sgt Pepper & Ogden’s Nut Flake in my psychedelia collection. Worth it for the boat ride alone!”
Tom w2 (app review)

“A sweet story of a dog called rockford , which children and adults will love, dont forget to get the other parts to complete your collection , its rare to find a gem in the app store but this is one of them.” Keirhouse (app review)

“Awesome! Just doesn’t get old. Big kid still watches it and little kid is fascinated. Thank-you!”
thumper_net (app review)

“My son watches it over and over again :0) he asked me if that’s where grandpa went to heaven”
Jollyz (app review)

“Amazing!! Loved this, great fun for all the family!!”
April mai (app review)

“Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! We all love this story so much – aged 5 to 49. A wonderful audio visual treat. So original, thought provoking and clever. Love the fact that there are no ads so safe to leave with the children – a lesson for others. Totally Recommended!”
bluefairywren (app review)

“Wonderful! A fantastic story with great songs and animation. Has kept the kids (and parents) quiet for hours. Brilliant app on the iphone and even better on iPad.”
JulieAnneMac1 (app review)

“Excellently produced, wonderful story. A personal note to say thank you to the team that put this together. You work has been truly appreciated by our two children aged 6 and 9. The story is pitched perfectly for your target audience. Releasing the this first part for free enables parents like ourselves to try and see how wonderful your product is. The remaining three parts are priced so reasonably, it’s impossible to refuse. Clearly your confidence in your marketing is justified. We look forward to more stories like this one, like so many others, we will be waiting in anticipation. Well done, products like yours do make the iPad a magical experience.”
pinkiphonelady (app review)

“Magical musical story. Thank you for making this for ipad – the bigger screen really makes the most of all the videos and pics. Fantastic and thoughtful story, great music and fantastic visuals. Our four year old and eight year old both love this and must admit we’re hooked too. Would be great to have more interactivity but still a wonderful audio visual treat. Recommended highly!”
Leep1234 (app review)

“I think it is great. All my students love it. It is easy to understand and there is lots to learn.”
CEV21 (app review)

“Love this book collection.”
BrisbaneRed (app review)

“I’m 18 and I love watching these! It’s a really good story awesome art work and the best songs. We just bought the next chapters it was a little expensive but so worth it. Thank you for the amazing app!!!”
Kiemarnie (app review)

“Love it! Hope there will be more stories like this as apps soon.”
Sasurainbow (app review)

“Great creation! Magical! I think the concept is great. I love the balance between traditional story telling, visual effects and music. Reminds me of when I was a kid! Great!!!! The kids love Rockfords blue star!”
I love reading and singing (app review)

“My 2 year old loves this and so do I! Great story, music, and animation!”
Neil277 (app review)

“The Best Story on the iPhone / iPad. We love this story. Well done!!!! First discovered on a long journey to Wales, and now listened to every night before bed! We love the Registrar! Once started… there’s NO GOING BACK!!!”
HannavasHgiel (app review)

“Excellent!!!! I love this app and my 6yr old does too! She’s watched it dozens of times and sings along. A+++++++++”
Rainbow Lashes (app review)

“Amazing. This app is fantastic. Try this free first part and you can see for yourself. My three year old loves it (and I do too!)”
NK (app review)

“Just great. My son loves this audiobook. The story and music are fantastic.”
SwiftSara (app review)

“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The story is engaging for all ages. Excellent graphics and music. …. went straight on to purchase the whole story.”
theangrylittlegirl (app review)

“Absolutely love this app! My kids (aged 5 & 2) have listened and watched this for the last couple of nights as a bedtime story and they were mesmerised by it! Can’t wait to buy parts 2 & 3. Brilliant!!!!”
5Faces (app review)

“Great app Maybe the best ever. I have been following Rockford for years and it just gets better. I started when it was just CD’s and now all the apps out of this world. Great work by the whole crew. And keep it coming.”
Shazfox (app review)

“Both my children (ages 5 & 9) and I love Rockford and the journey he takes. Thanks for creating a teachable moment for parents & addressing a valuable lesson about caring for our world. Instead of watching it right away, we listened to it several times. Their minds created their own images and then I let them watch it to compare. Try it and you’ll be encouraging your children’s imaginations. Thanks for a fantastic concept! Mr. Speilberg, I hope you’re listening!”
Keithonboat (app review)

“Beautiful and thought-provoking! This is a wonderfully magnificent creation!”
crawford49 (app review)

“Rockford is wonderful.
KimmyKim1235 (app review)

“THIS is wonderful! It is more like a kids musical than a book, but that is one of the qualities i LOVE about this story. Keeps my daughter (3) very occupied while long car rides! and even at home, i watch it right along with her! It is a beautiful story! thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!!!”
Eagllalaalalalala (app review)

“I absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks for making sutch great apps for me and my family. Keep it up! Suggestions add dinosaurs and ingnas to your series.”
Sushi1543 (app review)

“To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this app. But it was free so I gave it a go. WOW! most of the reviews are from 5 year olds, so here’s one from a 25 y/o! The songs are great! Very catchy and well produced. The story is brilliant!!! I actually gasped (involuntarily) at the end. I liked the mix of visuals, use of stills and animated sequences work really well with the narration. Classic storytelling brilliant!!!!! Just brilliant!!!”
Matt Brown (app review)

“15 month old daughter loves the music. She wants to listen to the title track over and over.”
His2nd (app review)

“Absolutely brilliant. My 5 year old loves this & the music is brilliant – find myself humming the tunes. Only downside is that you have to buy in parts and we can’t wait for the next one (part 3).”
Rich Vines (app review)

“I love this and so does everyone that I show it to so clever fantastic!”
Pj2308 (app review)

“Love this story! Beautiful songs and images. Touching and magical. Looking forward to the next chapters!”
Goxxilla (app review)

“WOW!! I can’t believe this audio story book is FREE… amazing, cute and so very unique, with a very important social message re. extinction. Thank you developers. Every iDevice owner should download this, young or old.”
Seatsub (app review)

“Absolutely adore the whimsical story of Rockford, Battersea and Infinity. Feel very sorry for the cocklebur ick. Have shared links to Rockford’s site with my best friend in Norway, who also likes it. Sorry to see the man who used the Icks is from the west country :-(, must be the pirate in him:)” Karren Paterson