Rockford’s Rock Opera is not made by a big film or music company with big marketing budgets – it’s just us in our attic! So you can really help spread the word by inviting your friends to the website. Thank you! We’d love to hear from you too, if you’d like to get in touch you can email us at

“Rockford’s Rock Opera is an amazing mix of story, songs and sound effects. It has a freshness that makes you smile as you listen and could become a cult favourite as beloved as Wallace and Gromit.” Christina Hardyment (The Times UK)

“Wonderful… I’ve listened over and over again. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets War of the Worlds. Jurassic Park meets Jungle Book! Well done!!!”
Nick, Kent

“For years I’ve distributed Christmas presents of Peter and the Wolf to small children starting flute/clarinet/piano lessons. This year I’m breaking new ground with this thoroughly modern musical for kids about a boy called Moog and a dog called Rockford… Ingenious story, foot-tapping music and three booklets containing not just the lyrics so you can all sing along, but lots of quirky pictures of strange animals, sci-fi scenery, Battersea power station and other stuff that children think about while practising arpeggios.” Sue Arnold (The Guardian)

“Magical rock-opera stories feature Battersea boy Moog and his dog Rockford in the land of Infinity. Sounds fey, but the exploration of ecological themes is serious and also inventive fun. Part 1 can be sampled as a free download and the website is a resource worth browsing.”
Rachel Redford (The Observer)

“It is a wonderful and inspirational story about animals, extinction and the effect man is having on the planet but it is a positive and hopeful story with lovely music and songs which will help children to understand why animals have become extinct and how everyone has a part to play in helping to save the planet, but it’s not heavy or cynical, it is a lovely story told in a very engaging way, and to be truthful we have enjoyed listening to it as much as the children have! I think the nice thing about this is that it has been something we can listen to and share as a family. I would really recommend Rockford’s Rock Opera to parents who like audiobooks and who also want stories that whilst entertaining have a greater educational value.” Mumsnet (10/10)

“This extraordinary story spreads a most important message in a mysterious and magical way. Rockford’s Rock Opera has been created and produced with love, passion and great skill and will endure as a classic to be enjoyed by the world’s children and adults for generations to come.”
Susan Stranks (Broadcaster and TV presenter)

“Totally love it … exciting, entertaining, stimulating, multimodal, literate …. ”
Doug Dickinson (ICT consultant)

“Rockford’s Rock Opera is a wonderful musical ecological story about extinction with wonderful images/video, music and songs (as well as the story) for children of all ages. The site now contains Christmas activities including wonderful animated e-cards that can be sent. A must to visit!” Learning Curve

“As a metal-head who grew up with The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and other magnificent musicians, I had some really high hopes for Lost on Infinity: Rockford’s Rock Opera. I’m so happy to say that every expectation I had was surpassed. There was no cussing and the music is perfectly suited for all ages, although adults may pick up on some jokes and insights about our world that children won’t understand. There are themes of humanity’s place in destroying the planet and how much we can do to improve the world no matter how small we feel… My rating i4 out of 4 stars, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes light rock, stories with music, children’s books, or epic stories with plenty of foreshadowing, twists, and surprises.” Book Club Review

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