As you may know, Rockford’s Rock Opera: Lost on Infinity and The King of Nowhere dramatized audiobook stories are now live on Audible HERE.

They’re a bit different from most Audible books. That’s mostly because they contain music, dramatised action and, of course, lots of amazing audiobook sound effects. And so here is the first of what may become an occasional series of ‘How to’ videos! It demonstrates the way in which we created just one of the many of the sound effects used in our amazing audiobooks.

We didn’t invent this technique by the way – it would be brilliant if we had! I imagine it was first discovered in the 1950s when ray gun sound effects were all the rage! Take a look and I guarantee it’s true. All you need is a pot, a slinky and a hard object to hit it with. Hours of sound effect audiobook fun for the whole family!

Creating sound effects

Nowadays with so many sound effect samples available online at places like Pond 5 (which is great and we use a lot). It’s tempting just to get all your noises off the shelf… (and you’d be amazed how many ‘off the shelf’ sounds there are!). But doing it for real is far more fun and it gets you thinking about sound too. We’ve been contacted by a number of teachers since this video first went live saying how they’ve tried out the same process in music and science classes.

If you have any more suggestions for amazing audiobook sound effects please do get in touch. We still have some way to go recording Rockford’s Rock Opera Part 2 – The End of Infinity – so there’s still time of some new sounds!

For the time being, we’ll work on dreaming up some new sounds for you to enjoy and try for yourselves!