Beautiful Battersea Day is the new song / single to download now. It’s from Rockford’s Rock Opera’s ‘The End of Infinity’ – our amazing new musical story, available now from our website.

Beautiful Battersea Day plays when Moog and Rockford first visit Battersea Park in our new adventure. The song is out now and available to stream or download from iTunes, Spotify and all other reputable music services (you can also download it here, now from our website). Beautiful Battersea Day is the first single from our new story and its lyrics, although written at a time pre-COVID, seem very relevant to the world in which we now live,  reflecting both hope we all now share for the future and the undercurrent of uncertainty still exists.


Beautiful Battersea Day


This weekend we visited Battersea Park, something we don’t get the chance to do as much as we’d like, but were struck once again about what a magical place it is and why we chose it as the starting point for the adventures of Moog and Rockford on the Island of Infinity. If you’d like to hear the Beautiful Battersea Day song on iTunes or Spotify you can do that now or you can download the song from our website. Or, if you’d like to hear Beautiful Battersea Day with 14 more songs, why not download The End of Infinity by Rockford’s Rock Opera and get 3 hours of story, music, sound effects and lots more.

Of course, if you’re new to Rockford’s Rock Opera you may wish to download our first story, ‘Lost on Infinity’ first so that you can enter the Rockford universe! We hope you enjoy our Beautiful Battersea Day song (featuring the wonderful Amy Waters) and look out for lots more music coming soon. Have a great summer in Battersea, or wherever you are.