Colonel Kitchener Utensil

A Dectopus – a distant relation of the modern day Octopus – with ten legs. Unlike Octopuses (or Octopi), Dectopuses (or Dectopi, if you want to be la-di-da about it) learned to breathe out of the water Colonel Utensil is the commander of the Infinity Border Guard patrolling the Sea of Tranquillity that encircles Infinity. The Colonel is rightly proud of his crack team of Infinity defenders, The Squid Squad. He takes his job very seriously and likes everything to run smoothly.

Reason for Extinction:

Left earth 124 million years ago. Regrettably, ten legs proved two legs too many and Dectopi would often become tangled up in themselves.

Colonel Kitchener Utensil
Species unknown to science
124 million years ago
Colonel Kitchener Utensil