Slothious Mega-Slothious

The laziest animal ever to have bothered to evolve… and then become extinct. Despite its huge size, the brain of Slothious Mega-Slothious was very small, and the thought involved in moving leaves him quite exhausted. On Infinity, it has taken him 50 years to walk up the beach, and he should reach the ‘Check In’ in another 100 years or so. The Registrar ordered The Pottimouth to shout encouragement as he accompanies
the Sloth during his walk – to make sure he walks in the right direction, as one wrong turn could set him back 20 years.

Reason for Extinction:

Couldn’t be bothered to eat, with obvious fatal consequences.

Slothious Mega-Slothious
Similar species known to science
Slothious Mega-Slothious