The Registrar

The Registrar is a distant relative of the Praying Mantis, but far bigger and much less cuddly. This ancient yellow, seven foot high insect, with its strange telescopic neck and tail, is the official responsible for the Infinity ‘Check In’ where all new arrivals are logged, processed and given living spaces on the Island.

The Registrar’s strict attitude can upset more sensitive creatures: it’s rumoured that even the T-Rex was reduced to tears when it dared question its reason for arrival. The Registrar is not really cruel, it just makes sure all the rules are kept. Generally, the creatures of Infinity admire The Registrar: after all, following the rules has always kept them safe in the past.

Reason for Extinction:

Females started eating their partners.

The Registrar
Unknown to science
500 million years ago
The Registrar